spam and viruses can be defeated simply by deploying MailScanner. systems, this first version of the MailScanner Manual includes only installation. MailScanner Guide. Contents. Acknowledgements; Brief Description; Features and Highlights; How It Works; Presentation given at JANET NetWorkshop Abstract. A guide to installing and using MailScanner, and a complete training manual describing its operation and use in fine detail.

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Set where to find the attachment filename ruleset. When putting the value of the spam score of a message into the headers, how do you want to format it.

MailScanner: A User Guide And Training Manual

OR b the action taken when the user double-clicks on the file will be changed. This is the name of the file that translates the names of the virus scanners into the commands that have to be run to do the actual scanning.

Microsoft Outlook hide common file extensions in an attempt to ,ailscanner baffle the user. This may occasionally be useful, in which case you should set to yes. This can include generic patterns that trap filenames attempting to hide the true filename extension e.

This should be a valid SQL statement that has a single placeholder argument and must return two columns and one or more rows. SpamAssassin Cache Database File. So I would strongly advise leaving this switched off.


MailScanner Guide

Do you want to add the Envelope-From: The default value I have set here enables Thunderbird to automatically handle spam when set to trust the “SpamAssassin” headers. This also includes the translation of “MailScanner” in each of the report lines resulting from one of MailScanner’s own checks such as filename, filetype or dangerous HTML content. This is the normal setting.

It is easy to install into an existing e-mail gateway, requiring very little knowledge of sendmail and no change to an existing sendmail configuration. If the “Run As User” is not “root” then you cannot change the user but may still be able to change the group, if the “Run As User” is a member mailsanner both of the groups “Run As Group” and “Quarantine Group”. You might want to set this quite small for large mailing lists so they don’t get deluged by large attachments.

See the “Spam List Definitions” file for more information about what you can put here. Set where to find the message text sent to users when one of their attachments has been deleted from a message and stored in the quarantine.

Install Guide – MailScanner

The path given here must not include any links at all, NOTE: Stored Bad Filename Message Report. Deleted Bad Filename Message Report. If, as a result of these checks, mzilscanner message looks suspicious, it is marked by the addition of an extra header listing the databases where it was found. Some of these signatures rely on being passed the whole message as one file.


The header will contain 1 character for every point of the SpamAssassin score.

See also the High SpamAssassin Score configuration option. Last but by no means least, my thanks to numerous other people who have contributed translations, ideas for new features, support for more virus scanners, Do you want to guids the messages for potentially dangerous content? The –maxsize option limits the maximum size that any expanded attachment may be.

This is the list of spam blacklists RBLs which you are using. Do you want to store copies of messages which have been disarmed by having their HTML modified at all? The maximum number of timeouts caused by any individual “Spam List” or “Spam Domain List” before it is marked as “unavailable”.

MailScanner Guide

MailScanner is a complete e-mail security system designed for use on e-mail gateways. Do you want to include the numerical scores in the detailed SpamAssassin report, or just list the names of the scores. Always Include SpamAssassin Report. If you enable this option, be sure to whitelist your local server ie.

If the Watermark has expired or is invalid then the guire is processed as normal.