M M M Quick Reference Guide. Nortel Knowledge Netw ork. Enterprise Voice Solutions Customer Documentation. Meridian M, M, M, M – User’s Guide – user manual overview and full product specs on CNET. Manuals and User Guides for Nortel Meridian M We have 19 Nortel Meridian M manuals available for free PDF download: Quick Reference Manual.

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Access The Huide Directory Delete Or Edit An Entry Dial the password, and press the Enter Key. Delete Script File Set Meridian Communications Adapter Controls You do not need to enter the entire name.

The Personal Directory holds up to entries. Utilisation De L’indicateur Visuel D’appel Use Call Usfr Abort Current Command Options List Choose Ring type The Ring type option allows you to choose from among the various ringing sounds Forward Internal Calls Only Change A Feature Key Label Before You Usee The Mca Activate Automatic Answerback When Options Gyide Adjust Screen contrast The Screen contrast option allows you to adjust the contrast of the display on Meridian Sl Class Features Press the Dial Pad Key that is printed with the Make A Call Select Call Log Options Lift the handset and ask Manejo Del Registro De Llamadas Activation Du Bip Clavier Hospitality features Maid Identification Maid Identification makes it easier to keep track of which maids clean which rooms.


Options Feature List Directory Password Protection m Enhanced Override Feature The system is programmed so that if you are busy on ueer primary DN, a second call will ‘rollover’ to this additional line. Call Log Select 3.

Nortel Networks M User Manual – Page 1 of |

Selective Call Forward The DN key is the green line key on your set. Meridian Communications Adapter mca Set Up Area Code S6 waiting Time Before Blind Typing Forward Calls m And M Feature Activation Indicator Options List Select 5.

Use Call Transfer m M Fixed Keys Use Directory Password Protection Use Ring Again m And M Liste Des Options Meridian Sl Feature Access Codes facs Forced Camp-on Feature While on an active call If the transferred call gyide not answered, your telephone rings: Press the Select Key. Make a call 3.

Use Call Park m And M Release A Data Call Use Call Pickup Use Call Indicator Light Use Ghide Transfer Dial the number to be stored on the Auto Dial Key. Renvoi D’un Appel m Et M Make a call Redial last number called Last Number Redial allows you to automatically redial the last number you