Editorial Reviews. Review. “I think this is one of the few series that isactually getting better as it Lothaire (Immortals After Dark Book 12) by [Cole, Kresley]. Lothaire (Immortals After Dark) has pages. Reading Length provides a calculation for the word count of this book, find out how long it will take you to read!. But Lothaire is no savior, as he himself plans to sacrifice Ellie in one ‘Lothaire’ is the twelfth book in Kresley Cole’s ‘Immortals After Dark’.

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His warn breaths against her made her shiver wildly.

On the other hand, it’s hard to root for a man who needs a good, swift kick or dozen to the groin. I think I gave Ellie Peirce a fair chance and I daark her okay, really.

I know she cracked me up.

Lothaire: Immortals After Dark, Book 12

This really bothers me. She gets me every time. This is a Goodread For Sure! My second lotthaire IAD book I loved this book. Kresley Cole has mad skills. No one else throws Lothaire for a loop like Ellie does. One moment I want to give this a 2 star because Lothaire was such a jerk, and then I want to give it a 5 star because he was a hero that I will never forget.

Centuries of cold indifference shattered. As I was lying in bed, I came up with many items to point out. I would never forgive KC or this series if anything happened to her that was permanent!

So no different than the burning times of the medieval period in time. Of course, having an ample supply of blood allows these vamps to never drink from immortasl flesh.


An ignorant, mortal Kmart checkout girl. I could not put this book down. So he tells her that she will go to prison where she can be safe from herself an others, until he can come for her. January imkortals read: This is one of my favourite vampire books of all time.

Will Lothaire succumb to the miseries of his past – or darj everything for a future with her? Lothaire was definitely one of those heroes you don’t know if to love or to hate. He has spent century after century set to accomplish his endgame and refuses to be stopped.

Lothaire: Immortals After Dark, Book 12 Audiobook | Kresley Cole |

Yes, this is going to come as a weird one for all of those Lothaire groupies of whom I still count myself a partbut yeah It is so complex and vast, and while I appreciate that, I also think the amount of page time it takes to rehash events and remind us who everyone is weighs this book down in the beginning.

Lothaire was really awful to her most of the time…so much so that I wanted lorhaire smack him and pull his ears a few times!

I’m worried view spoiler [ In this book, I really was faced with just how unhealthy nix is sounding. Lothaire’s a complex guy, with a keen mind. Now, tell me you love me. It’s full of goodness and light and fountains of flowing blood I do believe this is one of the best paranormal series out there, hands down! I really wanted to do my usual Fetish Cafe review but I’m so thrown off that I’m struggling to get my head afher the game.


Why keep adding new ones?

Get it free with day trial. I can’t even remember the last time I added a book to my favs list. He is honesty, toughness and naivety all wrapped up in a pretty package. Which character — as performed by Robert Petkoff — was your favorite?

He knows the rationale behind certain behavior and he knows what makes one tick or turn off. I loved watching Lothaire be brought to his knees by the woman he loves.

Usually I stay up all night in order to finish books from this series because I literally can’t put them down, but I actually had to force myself to even finish this book at all. But she can’t do either alone.

ALPHA reader: ‘Lothaire’ Immortals After Dark #12 by Kresley Cole

The ending was surprising and has me anxious for the next book. View all 23 comments. Usually due to vamp dreams, hero knows she cared all along. She has used it successfully for the entire series.

In order to do this, Lothaire must find a special ring that grants wishes. I have a confession to make.