MPX 1. Multi Processor FX. User Guide lexicon . Observez toutes les instructions et tous les avertissements marqués sur l’appareil. Branchez uniquements sur. Mpx 1 • Read online or download PDF • Lexicon MPX 1 User Manual. Read online or download PDF • Page / • Lexicon MPX 1 User Manual • Lexicon Receivers and Amplifiers.

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This is mx1 great dynamic effect for vocals or instruments. Don’t show me this message again. The Effects and Parameters The Mod effects are a collection mxnual pan, gain, and volume processors that can be Mod Effects modulated with built-in contollers or with any MPX 1 patch source. Product Overview The Front Panel On the upper path is an autopanned, envelop-driven wah. Place them in front of, or behind, other effect blocks to provide smooth Volume D Page These controls allow you to perform a complete reset of the unit to its factory defaults, or to reset only selected functions.

In these effects, mod and pan rate and jpx1 Rate1, Depth1 are modulated by an additional set of rate and depth controls Rate2, Depth2. MPX 1 User Guide Lexicon Calibrate Pedal This control allows you to achieve full range output of any connected 10kk continuously variable footpedal. The wah filter is controlled by input level. Gem denne vejledning til senere brug.

The following notes should be kept in mind when creating new combinations of effects in a Combining Effects program. Press System again and select the Modes menu. The Optimize parameter an option of Tune allows balancing of any artifacts vs. MPX 1 User Guide Lexicon Fc Splitter The Fc Splitter effect splits a ldxicon input into a low-passed out- put on the left channel and a high- passed output on the right, with independent control of the corner maanual of both filters.

Higher settings of Optimize are good for chords and low notes, lower settings minimize the delay through the effect. Page 39 Editing In the following example we’ve selected one of the presets, FazerTremolo, as Routing Lexicoj an illustration of the kind of programs that can be created with the MPX 1 routing and connection capabilities. The Effects and Parameters Comb 1 and Comb 2 Comb 1 The Comb effects work by com- bining the original input signal with a micro-delayed version.


Selections you make here will overwrite programs currently at the location s you designate. A bright reverse reverb through a wah.

Use this program to add reverb to selected beats of a stereo source. Product Overview Setting Output Level 1.

LEXICON MPX 1 – REV 1 User Manual

A detune block that is fed into a regenerating delay creates a big impression on small sounds. Whether you want to reassign the front panel meter display, re-route the effects in a program, or create an entirely new sound, you will find the tools you need in this section.

MPX 1 User Guide Lexicon How to Change Routing The routing page lets you alter the connections between the inputs of the Connections selected block and the outputs of the blocks in front of it. Page 9 Mod Effects Selecting Suspend temporaily suspends the patch until such time as you return to the Patch System Clearing Patches Destination Option and select Unsuspend.

Examples of presets MPX 1 Internal which make use of a controller are noted to the side of each description. Low Voltage In a low-voltage, or “brown-out” In Tremolo S the left input is For example, you can select the front panel knob as a Source and an effect’s Mix parameter as a Destination.

You can process the output of the sound generator through the MPX 1, but this is not necessary to hear the effect of the arpeggiator. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. An ordering display such as the one shown below will appear. In other cases, you may want to adjust the Parameter Destination values to a more limited range, or establish a nonlinear relationship between the controller and the parameter values.

When changing the routing options, work from left to right — from the input block to the output block. System Controls Dig In Lvl is a master control for digital inputs. Echoes are similar to delays, but low-pass filters have been added to simulate the high-frequency rolloff that occurs naturally in acoustic echoes and in echoes created with analog tape. Global patches override, but do not clear, program patches with the same parameter Destination.


A tempo-contolled LFO is used as a rhythmic gate to a large plate. Delay S is a simple stereo de- lay with feedback. While each of these programs is meant to be used alone, many can be used as building blocks when you create your own multi- effect programs from scratch. The operation of each of these controls is described here.

Five Setups can be stored in the unit, allowing you to quickly reconfigure the MPX 1 at any time. Patching Patching Patching Patching is the ability to assign a control Source to a parameter Destination.

Large Hall A very large space with a little extra emphasis in the low end. A stereo delay that allows audio to be offset by as many as 5 frames at 30 frames per second.

Lexicon MPX 1 User Manual | pages

Place them in front of, or behind, other effect blocks to provide smooth Volume D. In some situa- tions it is convenient to think of Q in terms of bandwidth in octaves. Bulk Data Dumps Tempo. The result is echoes that grow more diffuse as they repeat. Note that, in Edit mode, as elsewhere, the Value button acts as a toggle to allow you to assign “select” MPX 1 front panel, or by simple means such as cable replacement.

In this mode, you can select and load programs, with Programs select database sorting criteria and access the “Soft Row” — a selected set of the most useful parameters for each program. The diagram below shows a few of the infinite variety of EQ curves which can be obtained from the 3-Tone effects.