LEGO set database: Metro Park & Service Tower. Find great deals for Lego Town Classic Metro Park And Service Tower (). Shop with confidence on eBay!. Find great deals for Lego Town – Metro Park/service Tower 99 Complete Boxed Instructions Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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And thank you for sharing that lovely photo.

LEGO Metro Park & Service Tower Set 6394

It’s a slide of me on my third birthday, unwrapping my biggest gift of the day: There’s a fair amount of pieces added with every step, they’re added all over the model and if there’s a submodel included in a step, there will be other pieces you need to add along with it as you can see in steps 9 and 10 above.

It stuck around for a while as the largest service set, while other service sets were phased out. First up is the Shell service truck. All this was only amplified when I used to put this model across from my airport runway in my town setup. Thanks for a beautiful review, from a golden age of history when car parks were considered exciting! This, along with the many hours of great playtime I’ve had with this set, is why will always have a special place in my town and in my heart.

I’m relatively new to the City line but if not for the heightened design standards and SNOT compositions I’d probably still be sailing the high seas or in a galaxy far far away. It’s just always sort of been here – my ultimate Lego set.

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There’s no separate lgo for each and every car. Pedestrians are not included, but would also be unnecessary. Instead, the brick appears a bit to the side, appearing to float in an illogical position. Some red lights inform drivers the car wash is a one-way street. This can be a little confusing, so you’ll have to pay attention here. Already have an account?


It’s great to have such a elgo set that is all geared towards servicing the citizens of Legoland. There’s a great amount of printed pieces and a notably different approach to stickering than we are used to today: I’ll be staying with 4-wide on my layout and I am glad that LEGO is putting out some more 4-wide vehicles this year for us Classic Town fans.

It’s unique, it’s classic Rapseflaps, thanks for bringing me back to my childhood days.

This allows you to place the set in your town in an alternate configuration and can turn your car wash into a drive-through service port. I always admire the overall design, especially the multi-story car park and the amount of 4-studs wide vehicles inside this set.

That being said, the first stage of the build immediately brings us one of the model’s main features: It is now safely stored in my lebo garage.

Now that Lego vehicles are six studs wide and made with tyres twice the old size, the small little cars in this set have become more of a representation of the bygone 4-wide era than ever before.

James May still refuses to get a haircut The three cars differ pretty much only in color ldgo roof type. Boy was I ever happy! The blue lift stand I’ve never seen before. I had just gotten my first small Lego set from my grandmother the Victory Racer promo and a few Basic sets from my parents.

Of course you can always replace the hinge bricks by some simple 2×1 bricks and separate the two parts entirely, but for review purposes we’re judging the unmodified set. It was the first large Lego set I ever got, provided me with more building and playing pleasure than pretty much any other set and it spent many hours as the center of my town and my town stories. I leggo build something similar today, but I’d need to substitute the lift.

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Sign up for a new account in our community. It 63944 disappeared in there nearly 20 years ago. Thanks, Rapseflaps – superb review! Then of course 3694 the elevator, the gas pumps, the vacuum cleaner, etc. It introduces a very nice building technique that allows for all the printed 2×2 tiles to be put up against the walls like 6934 on a building. Printed in a page, easy to store A4-sized booklet, building the main model takes only 15 steps. That would be so cool.

Peeron: Metro Park & Service Tower (#)

What an excellent excellent review. Having to see this review finally completed, has certainly made my day bright. You’ll figure this out quickly enough as you move to the next step, where you’ll leyo the brick for support, but it can be a bit confusing at first. Prev 1 2 3 Next Page 1 of 3. Not feeling like stickering some plates together, the stickers featuring word ‘Shell’ that go on the edge of the service station’s roof were omitted and the only parts stickered together in my set are two 1×3 bricks and a 1×3 plate that make up the Shell logo sign – a vast improvement over the blank sign lebo the top of my Post Station.

It features plenty of white and, being a set featuring Shell, plenty of yellow and red as well. Eventually the airport and racer themes took over and was dropped as well. I’am a fan of the classic town Shell servo’s – being a former owner of a from ! I only have the boxes from a couple of my childhood sets – most have been long lost after more than 3 decades.