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Though the piece count is relatively low for this being the largest set in a theme, this is still a wonderful castle parts kit. Sign In Sign Up. I always enjoy reading reviews of sets that are being newly opened.

Review: Fire Breathing Fortress – LEGO Historic Themes – Eurobricks Forums

He has a large helmet with three small holes to allow those yellow accessories to be attached. As with most sets that are built on levo of these raised baseplates, you start the build by placing supports around at the back.

Thanks for the top-notch review! The Dragon Knights theme introduced the dragon figure. Register a new account. The dragon head is filled with four grey 1×1 bricks that are sitting on the tongue. Thanks for the front page, WF! I admit, I’ve never fallen in love with older Castle designs like this. This set is often overlooked and referred to as the castle that was “the beginning of the end” in inetructions of quality castle designs even though Royal Knights Castle, one of the finest castles ever made, as well as Fright Knights which really were pretty good came afterwards but this fortress is actually really neat.


Some parts appear in multiple colours, but identifying the proper one to use is never a problem. Like others, this was one of the sets I dreamed of having when I was younger. The plastic on the display tray has started to peel away but no harm has come to instructikns parts. What is the best way to apply stickers on Lego? Under the flap are some clear plastic windows that allow you to see some of the contents of the box.

At the back we can see a low wall has been built. A very nice review about a nice set. Those were the days! Not wanting to wait unti the following day to construct the set I was too excited to wait I received this set when I was a kid for my birthday one year so it has a nostalgia factor with me.

Let the bricks air-dry afterwards. This allows the head to pivot. I must admit though that the fortress is larger in person than I thought it would be after all of these years intsructions seeing it in pictures. Thanks for a super retro review, Z06! A complete lack of any sort of repetition makes this an utter joy to assemble!

There is an entire brick built bar underneath the trap door that normally keeps it up and flush with the rest of the second story. This fits in nicely at the base of either LURP. Leggo his dragon-esq head protection. Great review, as well. Here we’ve got a poster, the instruction manual, a subscription offer to the magazine of the time, a flyer advertising some sets, and a lovely cloth flag.

Note the emblem at the top right – while the theme is commonly known as Dragon Knights, the box refers to them as Dragon Masters. Besides, Majisto is instrructions wizard, he can just used magic to get up there. Not a bad little castle building kit. Some of these are actually pretty decent, shame there are no instructions for them My favorite feature of these old boxes is the front flap that can be lifted up.


Minifigures The fortress comes with three “generic” soldiers.

Have fun with the fortress and thank you for this review! I’m one of those people that love these large baseplates. The jnstructions out guy on the left has an interesting torso print with metallic shoulder armour. The red, blue, grey, and black colour scheme is simple but eye catching.

Instructions For LEGO 6082 Fire Breathing Fortress

I love the look of the minifigs, and a bunch of them lined up on horses make a ‘Dragon Cavalry’ that looks very insfructions and almost like the firey breath of a dragon itself. Did I forget to use them?

The next day I disassembled the set and proceeded to rebuild it and take pictures for the review. There is a warning that the small parts are not suitable for children under 3 years of age, however there is no other age recommendation present!

He can carry around some flags and a weapon. Also present is a small motivational set up story for the set. That is true nostalgia.

Give it a try and find your nearest location. The front of the box depicts the fortress on some sort of very high mountain top. Poster The set also comes with a beautiful fold out poster.