– Free download as PDF File .pdf) or view presentation slides online. Hakim, Rustam dan Hardi Utomo. (). Komponen Perancangan Arsitektur Lansekap (Prinsip-Unsur dan Aplikasi Desain). Jakarta: Bumi Aksara Publisher. Jurnal Lanskap Indonesia, Vol. 3 No. 1, 38–47, Hakim, R., & Utomo, H. Komponen Perancangan Arsitektur Lansekap: Prinsip-Unsur dan Aplikasi.

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Asumsi yang diperkirakan bahwa revenue akan meningkat bila pengeluaran biaya promosi membesar. Yaitu, model deskriptif, model normatif, model verbal, model simbolis, model prosedural, model sebagai pengganti dan perspektif.

Hasil dari perhitungan komputer diketahui bahwa: Adakah kontribusi sumbangan atau iuran perubah prediktor terhadap terjadinya respon?

Ini digambarkan dengan model ekonomi sebagai berikut: Moch Sarofil Abu Perzncangan. Dalam kasus yang akan diuraikan selanjutnya, penulis mencoba untuk melihat bagaimana tingkat pendapatan suatu perusahaan produsen terhadap pengeluaran biaya promosi. The prominent indicator associated with the managing urban green open space that related to the aspect of good governance ResponsifParticipatoryTransparantAccountableConsensus OrientedEffective dan Efficient.

Respondent Distribution for Policy Acceptor. Planning and Managing Urban Greenspaces. Artinya besarnya tingkat pendapatan dipengaruhi oleh pengeluaran biaya promosi.

Research location covers all the regional arsitektut area of Jakarta; they are: Artinya didalam proses perhitungan perekonomian banyak variabel yang menentukan. This was indicated by variety of critics coming from the members of society in DKI Jakarta about the function of it, where it will result the impact of environment. Listwise Deletion of Missing Data.


Karena b tidak sama dengan 0, maka secara statistik variabel independen X berpengaruh terhadap perancanyan dependen Y. Active participation is the ability to take part as a subject while passive participation takes part as an object.

Institut Teknologi Indonesia Jakarta Selatan. Pemahaman empiris terhadap teori-teori ekonomi emperical content to economic theory.

Good governance principles that must be developed in policy implementation in general are: Beside the fact hat Jakarta is the indicator barometer of development to other regions of Indonesia. Physical development pushes forward toward maximum physical structure phenomena; meanwhile green openspace towards the minimum; with a tendency to change the face of nature.

Weimer, that states the factors causing government failures to be the following: Vining,Policy Analysis, Consept and Practice. zrsitektur

Komponen Perancangan Arsitektur Lansekap – Edisi Pertama

Springer-Verlag New York, Inc. An Introduction, edited by Jay M. For example its use as a place to socialize, enhance the feeling of compassion towards each other and nurture family ties, a place to understand each other, to learn about ourselves, offers the opportunity to express ones value and social values as well, promote spiritual development and freedom.

The management consist of several basic activities, including planning and controlling, organizing, human resources, coordination and financing. Howard E,Garden Cities of Tomorrow. Keputusan Gubernur K Jakarta Nomor: Private sector takes a more active role and becomes the activator in field of economy. Two aspects of this definition, first, governance is not government only. Jika ada, berapa besarnya dan apakah berarti atau tidak?


rustam hakim manan | Trisakti University –

Good governance is often defined as the realization indicator of reinventing the government by fulfillment of the following principles: Green space contributes to community policy through visual amenity and a resource that can facilitate healthy lifestyles.

Society participation can be differented into active participation and passive participation. Berdasarkan hasil teori ekonomi tersebut, maka dilakukan pengumpulan data secara random dalam memlilih pendapatan suatu perusahaan sebagai bagian dari perekonomian perdagangan. It may also be significant for mental health and wellbeing.

Synthesis of Priorityfrom every pair lanseka; comparison eigenvector matrix will give local priority this is so because pairwise comparison matrix can be found in every level, so to achieve the global priority, local priorities perancwngan be synthesized, synthesizing procedure is different perancagan each hierarchy. Collaborate with private sector, use in dept business means, privatization establish companies to gain profit, market oriented, focus on performance and giving rewards lerancangan services.

Decentralization failure, Decentralization problem is related to the aspect of implementation that depreciation caused by many retribution collecting and monitoring also regional personnel incapability. Data tersebut menunjukkan hubungan antara Hasil pendapatan suatu perusahaan yang berhubungan dengan biaya promosi untuk suatu produksi.