The New Jewish Publication Society of America Tanakh, first published in complete form in , is a It is unrelated to the original JPS Tanakh translation , which was based on the Revised Version and American Standard Version but. The Tagged Tanakh is a collaborative platform around the Jewish Bible, brought to you by JPS. Sefaria users have long requested a modern Tanakh translation, and we’re pleased to now offer the classic Jewish Publication Society.

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After dwelling on the affection of God for Judah, speaking of God as a loving father and ruler of God’s people, Malachi rebukes the priests as the leaders of the spiritual defection that he witnesses. Mingled with such reflections are others that contradict them: This combination of opposing viewpoints in the same book has been be explained by some as the work of a single writer presenting the conflict between a higher and a lower self, and by others as the work of one writer whose words were added to by another.

After delivering his message at Bethel in rebuke of the people’s vices extreme luxury, revelry, and debauchery, combined with cruelty and oppression of the poorhowever, he delivers a final message of comfort and hope to the Israelites.

Religion: The Tanakh [Full Text]

When we speak of “the psalms of David,” it is not to imply that all of them were actually written by King David, but rather that they are written in the style of David. Close This Message Numbers The name “Numbers” is likely derived tanah the Greek translation, the Septuagint, which named the tanaih after the census taking in the first chapters of Numbers and again at the end of the wanderings of the Israelites.

The title of the book comes from the name of the main heroine, Esther.

Proverbs opens with the words “The proverbs of Solomon son of David, king of Israel” 1: Isaiah consists of two distinct parts: The anonymous prophesies at tanzkh end of Zechariah present greater difficulties than the rest of tanalh book.

The two books are in reality a single work and are so regarded in the original Hebrew canon. The latter part of Exodus gives the orders for making the Tabernacle, for the consecration of the family of Aaron to the Priesthood, and for making their vestments.

It concludes with promises that the day of Zion’s restoration will come and the judgment of wicked nations will end.

JPS Tagged Tanakh | The Tagged Tanakh Chapter View

It appeared inwith a second edition in Just as Psalms is often called “the psalms of David” because David is considered the author of many of them, Proverbs is thought to be connected to Solomon, even though he was most likely not the actual author. Rather, survival is the single most important factor in determining the heir to the throne, and it is Solomon, not Absalom, who ultimately survives.


At the conclusion of 2 Samuel, there is some moral resolution: Here a great fish swallows him, and he remains in its belly three days and three nights.

The first section contains in the interpretation of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream an apocalyptic element, while the second contains Daniel’s visions of disastrous events, of apocalypse. Large parts of Nehemiah are told in the first person and may be extracts from memoirs written by Nehemiah himself or perhaps based on his memoirs. It also records the sin and punishment of the Israelites for making the Golden Calf.

We apologize for the inconvenience. Jeremiah is the son of Hilkiah and a priest hps the Priestly city of Anathoth, three miles north of Jerusalem. Nahum may have been the son of an Israelite captive.

New Jewish Publication Society of America Tanakh

Some scholars contend that Ezra may have originally been part of a larger work, along with Nehemiah and Chronicles, but Ezra appears to contain within it practically unaltered extracts from memoirs written by Ezra himself, plus other sections from his memoirs modified by the editor. After the last vision, there is a two-year pause in Zechariah’s prophetic activity, but in the fourth year of King Darius, the word of God again comes to him.

It continues with a call to repent and escape the punishment that is to fall on the Philistines, Moab, Ammon, Ethiopia, and Nineveh. Tana,h first appears as a military captain at Rephidim during the attack of the Amalekites.

He begins to prophesy toward the close of the reign of Jeroboam II before the overthrow of the House tabakh Jehu and continues to do so during the anarchic period of the tanalh that follows. Deuteronomy consists mainly of three addresses given by Moses in the 40th year of the Exodus and the last year of his life. The order of tanxkh books is as found in published Tanakhimrather than that of common English Bibles.

They buried the bones under the oak tree in Jabesh, and they fasted for seven days. Haggai encourages them with the assurance that the glory of the rebuilt Temple will be greater than that of the tznakh.

To some extent, Deuteronomy is a restatement of previously given written law, with an important difference: Haman, jealous of Mordecai, forms a plot for the wholesale destruction of the Jewish exiles, especially when he learns that Mordecai refuses to bow down to him. But it concludes with a hope for Israel’s returning to God’s favor through repentance.


Finally, Haggai’s words contain a special word of encouragement taanakh Zerubbabel. Ezra, whose name means “help,”is the son of Seraiah and was probably born in Babylon. Close This Message 1 Samuel and 2 Samuel The books of Samuel are so called not because Samuel was the author, but because he is the most prominent actor in the opening portion, and the great instrument in the establishment ranakh the Kingdom of Israel, which occurs throughout the remainder of 1 and 2 Samuel.

Joshua’s final speech to all the tribes assembled at Shechem, followed by a short epilogue, closes the book. The Jews, saved from peril themselves, make a great slaughter of their enemies, and thereafter celebrate their victory on the holiday of Purim.

The Tanakh [Full Text]

Habakkuk is also assured that the suffering shall be removed and the oppressor shall perish. Each of them was given a portion pjs the Promised Land, which was their inheritance and responsibility to cultivate.

He prays earnestly, and the fish casts him out onto the land. They do not all purport to have tqnakh written by Isaiah, but it is Isaiah himself who records his call to prophecy, as well as certain other experiences of his earlier life.

Haggai’s prophesies all aim to scold the people for their lethargy and encourage them to complete the Temple.

In the first three chapters, a threatening tone dominates. A considerable part of this brief book reappears in Jeremiah, and it is not clear which was written first, which of the two prophets repeats the denunciations of the other. Close This Message Leviticus Like many of the biblical books, the name “Leviticus”is taken from the Greek, literally meaning “things pertaining to the Levites,” because much of the book is concerned with the priests themselves who formed part of the tribe of Levi and priestly matters.

Judges opens with an account of the conquest of territories in the land of Caanan by the different Israelite tribes.

Here Abraham is the prominent figure, and the history of his call from God is recorded, along with detailed accounts from the Patriarchal Era: He does this, but the book is destroyed by King Jehoiakim. The prophet Isaiah’s name, meaning “God is salvation,” serves as the title of the book. Wisdom is the highest goal here, and it is viewed as a latent, God-given quality in all people.