The Revolt of the Masses JOSE ORTEGA Y GASSET THE REVOLT OF THE MASSES AUTHORIZED TRANSLATION FROM THE SPANISH W □ W □ NORTON. José Ortega Y. Gasset The Dissection of the Mass-Man Begins 7. Why the Masses Intervene in Everything, and Why Their Intervention is Solely by Violence . SUMMARY OF THE BOOK THE REVOLT OF THE MASSES BY JOSE ORTEGA Y GASSET CHAPTER 1 THE COMING OF THE MASSES In this chapter, Jose.

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The innate hermetism of his soul is an ob- stacle to the necessary condition for his discovery of his insufficiency, namely: But this is precisely what cannot be done by any movement such as Fascism, which declares itself anti-liberal. In the forests of Nature we can be savages with impunity.

The Revolt of the Masses

You want the ordinary man to be master. Whoever has not felt the danger of our times palpitating under his hand, has not really penetrated to the vitals of destiny, he has merely pricked its surface. For life, individual or collective, personal or his- toric, is the one entity in the universe whose substance is compact of danger, of adventure.

revolr This determination has its origin in the character of society, or what comes to the same thing, of the type of men dominant in it. As Cervantes said long since: Or, rather, there are some heads, very few, but the average mass of Central Europe is unwilling to place them on its shoulders. Who Rules the World Not only in any direction, but precisely in the best places, the relatively refined creation of human culture, previously reserved to lesser groups, in a word, to minorities.

The neces- sary consequence of this was that the vulgar never thought, even remotely, of making a decision on any one of the public activities, which in their greater part are theoretical in character.

When a reality of human existence has completed its historic course, has been shipwrecked and lies dead, the waves throw it up on the shores of rhetoric, Wide Espana Inverrebrada, Despite the advancement that is at the disposal of the human person today, the world is still goes in the same way as the worst worlds have been; it simply drifts.


If that human type continues to be master in Europe, thirty years will suffice to send our continent back to barbarism. Hence it still believed gassset periods relatively classic — the age of Pericles, the Renaissance — during which the values that hold to-day were prepared.

The Revolt of the Masses | work by Ortega y Gasset |

nose He is condemned to represent the other man, consequently, to be neither that other nor himself. Speaking on decadence, he views it as a comparative concept because decline can be viewed from a higher state to a lower state but in this regard, the comparison can be viewed from most varied points imaginable. The European stands alone, without any living ghosts by his side; like Peter Schlehmil he has lost his shadow.

Men play at tragedy because they do not believe in the reality of the tragedy which is actually being staged in the civilised world. Whilst there was a proportionate decrease of great fortunes and life became harder for the individual worker, the middle classes found their economic horizon widened every day.

The latter is constantly catching himself wit lain an inch of being a fool; hence he makes an effort to escape from the imminent folly, and in that effort lies his intel- ligence.

In the disturbances caused by scarcity of food, the mob goes in search of bread, and the means it employs is generally to wreck the bakeries. Every man who adopts a serious attitude before his own existence and makes himself fully responsible for it will feel a certain kind of insecurity which urges him to keep ever on the alert.


It will be well, then, that we analyse his character, The key to this analysis is found when, returning to the starting-point of this essay, we ask ourselves: Skip to main content. The word revolt for him does not stand for violence in the actual sense of the word but rather the sudden change and awareness of the people not of their right per se but of their inclination and actions to do that which was actually reserved for a selected few in the society.


The Dissection of the Mass-Man Begins brings to mind the awareness of a new different kind of man who was produced and prepared by the 19th century and now dominates the public sphere. This means that there is a renunciation of the common life of barbarism. How can it lay claim to being taken seriously by anyone if it starts off by doubting its own existence, if it lives only in the measure in which it combats itself, deprives itself of life?

Tins, to my mind, is simply to trivialise a question which is much more massds and pregnant with surprises. London and New York: In this way the majority of scientists help the general advance of sci- ence while mwsses up in the narrow cell of their laboratory, like the bee in the cell of its hive, or the turnspit in its wheel But this creates an extraordinarily strange type of man, The investigator who has discovered a new fact of Na- ture must necessarily experience a feeling of power and self-assurance.

Full text of “The Revolt Of The Masses – José Ortega y Gasset ()”

There is no culture where economic relations are not subject to a regulating principle to protect interests involved.

Amazon Music Stream revoly of songs. It would then be seen how, generation after generation, the scien- tist has been gradually restricted and confined into nar- rower fields of mental occupation.