Programming Languages: History and Fundamentals (Automatic In , Jean Sammet was a programming language technology manager for the Federal. Jean Sammet: Programming Language. Contributor and Historian, and. ACM President. Thomas J. (Tim) Bergin. American University. Editor: Thomas Haigh. Jean E. Sammet, History of IBM’s technical contributions to high level programming languages, IBM Journal of Research and Development, v n.5, p.

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Sammet majored in mathematics and took education courses, which allowed her to be certified to teach high school mathematics in New York. Parts of Sperry still exist today, now absorbed into Unisys and Honeywell. Ready to solve your Life Puzzle?

Computer Pioneer Jean E. Sammet Programmed before Programming Was a Thing

Sammet took to the electronic accounting machines, but was unable to work with the machines after her training was complete. She would stay at IBM for 27 years. This month Jacobs finally got to interview her hero for Glamour magazine.

A post shared by Gillian Jacobs gillianjacobs on Mar 24, at 9: From the very early childhood, she showed her interests for mathematics and spent hours reading and solving mathematical calculations. InIEEE awarded her its Computer Pioneer Award “for pioneering work and lifetime achievement as one of the first developers and researchers in programing languages.

Sammet started work in the computer field at Sperry Gyroscope in and supervised the company’s first scientific programming group. She initiated and produced the Self-Study Department in that journal through Sammet states that she fought her way to give a paper at SIGNUM because the group was not interested in non-numerical analysis of that kind of an activity. The group produced other system software and focused on scientific and engineering computations.


Archived from the original on As a result I created important files and documents of my own, and became concerned with having other people publish material on their important work so the facts rather that the myths would be known publicly. Sammet Programmed before Programming Was a Thing. As a result, I created important files and documents of my own and became concerned with having other people publish material on their important work so the facts rather that the myths would be known publicly.

Sammet convinced Ralston to hold a member-office forum prior to their annual conference. Sammet has stated that these conferences were organized based on the recognition of how fundamental programming languages were to different aspects within computing. Inshe was hired by Sperry Gyroscope where she supervised the first scientific programming group and in she joined Sylvania as a staff consultant samemt programming research and worked as a member of the original COBOL group.

Code examples and comparison for In she was also assigned corporate responsibility for IBM’s activities in Ada standardization. She served one year of a two-year term before resigning because she was elected vice president of ACM in Atomist Year in Review: At IBM she researched the use of restricted English as a programming language and the use of natural language for mathematical programs. She was a member of the first DOD-organized Ada Distinguished Reviewers lwnguages throughout its existence and was an original member of progrwmming DOD-organized Ada Board a federal advisory committee from its inception until her resignation in As I became an adult this characteristic merged with my interest in computing history.

Views Read Edit View history. The Programming Language Enthusiast. History and Fundamentals contained a description of the histories of many languages, as well as significant technical material. University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign M. Jean and her sister Helen were born to Harry and Ruth Sammet who were both lawyers.


Journal for Education Leadership.

Chef Open Source Community: In Sammet began looking for a position in education. In she ptogramming programming language technology manager in the IBM Systems Development Division to enable her to write a book on programming languages.

She served as an ACM lecturer from to and again in At the time of her vice presidency, ACM was almost bankrupt.

Jean Sammet | Computer History Museum

Retrieved July 19, This view differs from that held by some people who maintain that anything [Emphasis added. Scarecrow Press,p. Sammet encouraged this based on her recognition that ACM had no realistic way of communicating with the membership. Jean Sammet has also been the recipient of two additional awards.

She agreed to participate in an in-house training program to learn about punched card accounting programminv. She minored in political science. She is doing consulting and also working on the second edition of her programming languages book.

In early LanguahesSammet began her life as a programmer. Jean Sammet Fellow For her contributions to the field of programming languages and its history. Around orSammet noticed a need for the exchange of intellectual information with others working with languages and software while she worked on FORMAC.