According to award-winning public policy scholar and anthropologist Janine Wedel, these are the “shadow elite,” the prime movers in a vexing new system of . SHADOW ELITE – Review Excerpts. The First HuffPost Book Club Pick of Shadow Elite by Janine Wedel. Arianna Huffington: My first HuffPost Book Club. Janine Wedel is a professor of public policy at George Mason University and author of the book “Shadow Elite: How The World’s New Power.

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Janine R. Wedel

Jan 13, SD Mittelsteadt marked it as to-read. Who does the player represent, who are his associates and sponsors, and with whom is he affiliated? Shadow Elite by Janine Wedel. shaow

Shadow Elite – review of the book by Janine R. Want to Read saving…. Jan 04, Rhonda rated it liked it Shelves: Nick rated it liked it Jun 05, However, a second, perhaps more shadowy audience will be interested in Shadow Elite as a work of anthropology and as an example of the cutting edge of the discipline.

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Janine R. Wedel – Wikipedia

LPenting rated it it was amazing Aug 28, Janine Wedel’s 2nd-most-recent book builds on, benefits from, and broadens her previous work: I enjoyed what I werel from this author. This decline is reflected in the proliferation of players who swoop in and out of the organizations with which they are affiliatedwho operate in them, but are not of themand create “coincidences of interest” that serve their own goals at the expense of jahine organizations and the public.

This fascinating, authoritative wake-up call should satisfy any American who wants a handle on the republic’s most successful agents of corruption.

Watch it on Youtube. Her work assesses what she claims is the significant extent to which the new rules take us beyond traditional corruption and conflict-of-interest — and into an accountability-challenged era. She relates personal experiences that perfectly illustrate some of her arguments. Dec 16, Jabine McGrouchpants rated it it was amazing.

Huffington PostJan. Watch it on Youtube. It came out at very end of but still is the book of the year. The Washington PostJuly 25, Gary rated it really liked it Dec 19, At the root of the crisis and the heart of the new system is a decline in loyalty to institutions. shaddow


NGOs [Non-Governmental Organizations, a commonplace acronym in influential circles which receives little traffic in mainstream media] seem to inhabit some shadow world of neither-here-nor-there — proliferating so much these days, it’s an open-and-needing-monitoring question as to where nation-states, multinational corporations, and the Ellte themselves start and leave off.

She writes about governing, corruptionforeign aidand influence elites through the lens of a social anthropologist. First, those concerned with the extant focus of the book: Jason Linkins jnine it it was amazing Jul 25, Wedel Governments and administrations come and go, but not so a new breed of power brokers, who always seem to pop up just where the action is.

The flexians’ success is greatly enhanced by the fact that no one is minding the store as a wholeeven as we can’t answer the most basic of questions: Return to Book Page. Myron rated it really jahine it Sep 08, Hilaryaked rated it really liked it Dec 18, Wedel’s central thesis, that the cultures of the Cold War impacted greatly on neoconservatism, surely deserves a critical appraisal.

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By a flexian wearing several hats simultaneously think tanker, retired military or government official, corporate representative, so-called “objective” expertas did Barry R. The author did a good job of explaining this new breed of “players” who ‘toy with official rules and not only get away with it, but often make decisions about policies that affect us allin areas ranging from the economy and foreign affairs to government and societywhile fashioning eoite rules of the game to benefit themselves.

This felt like it was in need of a really good edit to tip it into the category of an enjoyable read. May 04, Dav rated it it was ok Shelves: I previously learned about transnational institutions, Liberal institutionalism, Casino Capitalism, Hegemony, realpolitik, social constructionism, and many more International Political Economy theories at my college, so it is nice to extend that knowledge. Wedel throws light on how power brokering wedell The Shadow Elite Basic Books undermines our government and democracy itself.

Wedel received a Ph. The greed that Wall Street high fliers symlpolize is merely an egregious expression of such lack of loyalty and disdain for the public goodoutcomes fo the four transformational developments at work. She provided some example to back up her claims and did repeat to tell the reader “Hey, eedel talked about this in Ch. Refresh and try again. Wedel’s research about western aid in former-Soviet states may in the future help to shed light on the untimely death in of the president of the Polish Supreme Audit Office, Walerian Panko.

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More disappointingly, as an academic study Shadow Elite fails to connect its findings, and especially the larger phenomenon under study, to previous research in the fields of political and social sciences. Maneuvering through their many spheres of influence, they challenge both governments’ rules of accountability and businesses’ codes of competition, ultimately answering only to each other.

Be a global citizen.

Thus while flex nets incorporate important aspects of other such groupings, they also differ from them in crucial ways—and those ways are precisely what make flex nets less visible and less accountable. The World Affairs Blogs Network.

Nancy rated it liked it Mar 08, I have come to this conclusion after spending the better part of three decades studying communist and post-communist societies — observing first how people circumvented the communist system, and when it was coming undone, how players positioned themselves to wield power and influence and thereby helped create the emerging order.

Views Read Edit View history. Citizens with an interest in political reform and accountability would do well to weave her arguments into their demands. She explores what she suggests are the rules of the game these contemporary power elites aedel writing to benefit themselves and their social networksand what she sees as the negative implications for democracy, the rule of law and the free market.

Investigative reporting is dying a swift death, as the institution of journalism itself undergoes massive gutting, newspapers fold right and left, and dwindling resources are available for investigative reporting of the kind that enabled the Washington Post to break the Watergate story.

If shdow don’t watch Fox News, ahadow already know everything in this book. I think Wedel does a good wedep at describing who the flexians are and what flex nets are in her book.