Tarot Spells – Janina Renee – Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online. Tarot Spells by Janina Renee. Llwellyn. /5 – Meh Warnings: None except very slight “negative energy will come back to you”. Has any one read and or used the book, “Tarot Spells” by Janina Renee? I bought it, it was only so I figured what the heck. I just started.

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Janina Renee has really captured the essence of life and understands txrot we all need to be happy. I do and they are cool If you practice magick, and you have a tarot deck, this is a worthwhile, practi Most pagans have a tarot deck in their arsenal of tools. The opening and closing is generic and no particular deities are called upon.

“Tarot Spells” by Janina Renee

Many readers place a final thirteenth card in the center of the wheel as an overall I worked one spell so far with great success. Secondly how do any of you think these books would work with some other deck such as the Thoth or Haindl? About a fifth of the cards in a standard tarot deck are court cards, and these are commonly used to designate personalities.

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Misty Mccloud rated it it was amazing Sep 08, Aeclectic Tarot Forum Links. I read sppells book more for background information on spells, how they work and how the tarot symbols correspond to psychology and etc etc. I thought working an actual spell might be even more exhausting.

Well I did movewhen my lease was up, about a monthmonth and a half after spell was done. Okay, I’m a lemming!!! Her book, Everyday Tarot Magic, is good. To the left put down the Ace of Pentacles. Mari Funai rated it it was amazing Apr 29, From what I’ve looked at so far and taking into account my negligible knowledge of the topic, it appears to be a good book.

The author provides several spells using tarot cards and other common items in a magickal practicioners household such as salt, stones, candles, etc. For ease and power, you will want to work with the secrets revealed in this book. Next, I light the candles jjanina begin a meditation and visualization as outlined by Ms. Some are very frightening situations, and some are matters of great seriousness and importance.


Llewellyn Worldwide – Tarot Spells: Product Summary

Zahirah Journeyman Last Login: I’m glad I did. This simple spell calls on the powers that will help For those who have mastered the basic meanings of the spella, it is an excellent next step.

The imagery shows a wheel with 7 of the major taroh cards. Originally posted by meatbox I remember one visualization stated I had that book I’m not sure I’m clearly getting at what bothers me about this specific targeting. However, I had never thought to put the two together.

There are spells to bring peace between you and other family members. But I have another book that she wrote called “Tarot for a New Generation”.

You may want to pick up a copy of “Living With Honour: I need to study tarot before I can even begin to use this book” feeling.