shrIlakShmIstotraM indrarachitam ||} shrIgaNeshAya namaH | OM namaH kamalavAsinyai nArAyaNyai namo namaH | kRRiShNapriyAyai sArAyai padmAyai cha. shree indra rachita lakshmee stotram om namaha kamala vaasinyai naaraayanyai namo namahaa | krushnapriyaayai saaraayai padmaayai cha namo namaha. Indrakrit Mahalakshmi Stotra MP3 Song by Kedar Bodas from the Sanskrit movie Mangal Kaamna. Download Indrakrit Mahalakshmi Stotra song on

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Then Indra recited this prayer addressed to Mahalakshmi, the goddess of wealth. Salutations and salutations who gives us devotion o Hari, And to her who grants us happiness. You are always joyful and so become pleased with me goddess, Please do not allow me to fall in hand of enemies [2] and save me. Lord Indra praises the Goddess Mahalakshmi with this powerful stotram.

Indra Krt Laksmi Stotram | Indra Krit Lakshmi Stotram

Salutations and salutations to her who is the form of all wealth, And to her who is being worshipped by every one. If this is repeated half a million timesthis prayer would lead him to divine powers, But If this read continuously for one complete month without break, He would becomeimdra any doubt, Indra, the king of devas.

Once due to a curse of a sage, Lord Indra lost all his wealth. Due to the absence of your grace, I am a beggar without friends, And so oh darling of Hari, to this one who does not have any wealth, Give wisdom.

Lakshmi Stotram ( By Indra ) –

It has been told that one who recites this Stotra daily becomes Lord Kubera in a month. And all the devas went back happily to their normal places.


Salutations and salutations to her who helps us retain wealth, And to her who is the greatest among the goddesses, Salutations and salutations to her who has the form of growth, And to her who blesses us with growth of wealth. This Indra Krit Lakshmi Stotram is very powerful recitation to gain prosperity and richness. You also liberate us from mundane-existence. May You not leave the treasures, the lkshmi, the home, the properties, the body, and the consort.

Either way, this site won’t work without it. By Your glance only, a man lwkshmi wives, sons, friends and relatives, and luxuries. O highly fortunate Goddess!

Like the mother giving milk from her breasts, To the children in their childhood, You please look after every one, In all their forms always and forever. You are Adhithi the mother of devas, And the Goddess Kamala who lives in a lotus, You are the goddess Swaha accepting sacrificial offerings, And the goddess Swadha accepting offering to ancestors.

You the divine mother for every one, And the one who is friend and relation of all, You are the formed personification of all DharmaWealth, desire and the ultimate salvation. Ticker poems, viewed 1, times.

Discarded by You, the three worlds had approached destruction. Hi, we have a problem It appears that your web browser does not support JavaScript, or you have temporarily disabled scripting. Any sadhak can chant this stotram 21 times daily to get the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi. You have at once attained all the formless qualities and virtues present; averting others You became the Mother of the world.


May you not leave the sons, the well-wishers, the animal-property, and ornaments.

After again and again solving the problems of Devas, The goddess gave them boons and a very pretty garland, Was given to them by Lord Vishnu which made them happy. Enemies like povertyill health etc.

Lakshmi Stotram Indra Rachita Eng

Salutations and salutations who gives us devotion o Hari, And to her who grants us happiness. She appeared before him and gave him back all his wealth.

You are the one who has forsaken anger and violence, You are the one who blesses and the goddess of knowledge, You are the one who blesses with all sort of wealth, And the one who helps all the devotees of Lord Vishnu. Indra spoke thus along with all groups of devas, And saluted her with a bent head and with eye full of tears again and again, When Brahma, Shiva, Adhi Sesha, Yama and Vishnu where also present.

And when glanced upon by You, immediately all these qualities of serenity and lineage-glory get affixed to the men and formless as well. Now you have restored it. Then he recited this prayer addressed to Mahalakshmi, the goddess of wealth. And all inddra devas went back happily to their normal places. Retrieved from ” http: O Goddess, Who is the divine-nectar!