Grasscutters are easy and very cheap to rear. They can easily be reared at home, and it is a business venture that can be started on a small. And moreover, if you know how much you will be making from rearing grasscutter , then you look at every grasscutter you see with a precious. For us who love Agriculture, the expression of this passion is seen in the things we either grow, rear or trade. Starting on a Medium scale.

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If you buy them and rear for four months, they will start having babies at eight months. May God bless this open heart and reward this generosity in Jesus Name. Ekom Nathan December 24, Because reading about it alone is not enough to equip one with practical knowledge to start up the business.

Fred July 7, List of some of our products. Mr darlington thanks for ur explanation Reply.

How the poor can invest in grasscutter farming

Grasscutter feeds mostly on fresh succulent grasses and plant roots. May God bless you more and more amen.

Choose also the nearest seminar venue from the advert box in this page or from our website. This is why farming is the profession for all and sundry, we are just pretending. Most people are looking for the meat as regular meal and also to entertain most of their guest.


With the sweet flavor and warm in property, catfish is in favor of urinating and treating edema, becoming good item to promote lactation and essential food material for women to nourishing after childbirth. Pls, where can I buy the colonies, grass cutter to syart my farm. The floor inside the building should be smooth and free from holes and crevices. The grasscutter meat is indeed very popular in Africa and especially in Nigeria; thanks to grasscutter farmers who are trying their best to make this meat readily available to buyers and consumers.

River State branch Address: It is not recommended to use materials such as straw, bamboo, wood or matting because they can easily be eaten away by the grasscutters. Petsr Ikoko Opia July 23, Revd Emmanuel Yemi Salako. Grasscutters are very easy to rear.


A small farmer may start with one or two colony, with the arrangement of one male and 3 females in each colony. There is one thing that I am not getting which will be a key component on determining the return on my investment. What you need to Pls explain more on structural design.

Blog Articles Badges Tags Categories. The mode of handling depends greatly on their size. Get Answers To Your Questions. After reading this article, you need between 6 — grasscuttre months to make at least one million naira in this business.


Innovations on eear and shelters have boosted techniques for production. How do i get grasscutter i live in delta two males and six female Reply. Also, careful observation of the animal is another form of inspection that helps to detect change in the physiology of the grasscutter.

To treat this, puncture the abscess with a needle and evacuate it completely.

What kind gradscutter partnership do you want? While grass can be directly fed, other feeds like sugarcane need to be cut into smaller pieces for easier consumption. The animal is then turned to its back.

Indefinite mating is expected to have taken place when the weaned male Grasscutter is seven months old and the female is eight months.

How to Start Grasscutter Farming in Ghana ▷

What is a grasscutter? Its a Comprehensive guide that will take you by the hand and walk you through all you need to know about Grasscutter Farming. Grasscutter is what the body needs to serve us better.