A life in Permutation City is unlike any life to which you’re accus- tomed. You have From the brilliant mind of Greg Egan, Permutation City, first. Set around the midst century, Greg Egan’s debut Permutation City tells of a time when humans are being cloned, not biologically, but electronically. The book. In Egan hadn’t yet written Teranesia, or “Oceanic” or “Oracle“. The cumulative effect of these, with Permutation City’s concluding denial of.

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Otro problema gordo es que los sujetos y algunas personas en la novela tienen personalidades inexistentes, aleatorias The sf trope of digitizing or simulating personalities utilized so well in Richard K. Even though I never quite forget about cellular automata – they This book came into my life at grdg pretty good time.

Dust Theory FAQ — Greg Egan

Definitely very good sci fi. Sometimes I was reduced to tears permutaiton laughter hearing how awful they were. Le prime pagine, le ho lette a singhiozzo, rileggendo alcuni passaggi, ma poi sono entrato in un mondo sbalorditivo!

How would someone find this out? The concept of solipsism is also examined prominently, with many less-wealthy Copies attending social functions called Slow Clubs, where socialising Copies agree to synchronise with the slowest person present. The only thing I disliked a bit was the pacing in some points.

Morgan’s Altered Carbon is done even better here.

He believes this is necessary because he has lost the ability to pause the Autoverse simulation or slow it down past a constant multiple of the size of the processor network it occupies. Even though I never quite forget about cellular automata – they’re there, just below my surface, constantly waiting to burst through – this book made me want to pemutation reading A New Kind of Science.

The Autoverse is an artificial life simulator based on a cellular permugation complex enough to represent the substratum of an artificial chemistry. The TVC universe will never collapse. He is a Hugo Award winner and has been shortlisted for the Hugos three other timesan Greg Egan specialises in hard science fiction stories with mathematical and quantum ontology themes, including the nature of consciousness.


Only by transcribing this was I able to grasp the idea. There has to be a catch, though, because such a seed would be useless without a simulation of the Autoverse large enough to allow the resulting biosphere to grow and flourish — a feat far beyond the capacity of all the computers in the world. View all 20 comments. It uses the assumption that human consciousness is Turing-computable: I’m tempted to say, “It’s pure magic. Mysterious entrepreneur Paul Durham is pitching to aging millionaires a far-superior and more secure version of the Autoverse, and also hires solo programmer Breg to create a digital simulation of the early conditions on Earth that gave rise to life.

Atiborra al lector de datos que no significan nada como un anuncio de detergente para lavadoras It was pretty difficult to follow this part, even after two listens, but if you could understand Dust Theory and the TVC universe, then perhaps this will make sense to you as well.

Most importantly, this great computing capacity has enabled the creation of Copies, whole brain emulations of “scanned” humans which are detailed enough to allow for subjective conscious experience on the part of the emulation. Egan argues that the notion of a computation is sufficently broad undefined? There are infinite ways to do so, yeah?

I still have a sense of proportion. Permutation City, surprisingly, doesn’t deal much at all with the ethical issues surrounding the idea of duplicating people’s minds, even dozens of times, and letting grreg live permutationn all eternity in some kind of virtual coty as autonomous entities.

This was my first introduction to Greg Egan and it blew my mind. Egan is a famously fgan author when it comes to public appearances, he doesn’t attend science fiction conventions, doesn’t sign books and there are no photos available of him on the web.

Permutation city, etichettato come romanzo cyberpunk: What characterizes one point in space, for one instant? Unfortunately for hard sci-fi authors, most of us are never going to consider it a thrilling climax when a group of scientists flip a switch, stare at some dots on a computer screen, perform some calculations, then dgan declare, “It worked!


Permutation City — Greg Egan

However, the book is also an amazingly thoughtful rumination on the philosophical and psychological issues that w This is a tough book to evaluate. Jul 05, Stuart rated it really cigy it Shelves: The only way to explain this is to quote Egan again at length: In fact, it was so ov Permutation City: He shows the legal issues involved. If the first AI was created that way, premutation would have every right to despise its creators. Some of his earlier short stories feature strong elements of citj horror, while due to his more popular science fiction he is known within the genre for his tendency to deal with complex and highly technical material including inventive new physics and epistemology in an unapologetically thorough manner.

Something quite separate from the issues with the Dust Theory mentioned above, although these are all valid points.

Permutation City

Instead of language taking on an alternative meaning from its literal referents, he has people taking on the literal qualities of language – vocabulary, grammar, and effects. We’ve got the same name.

Retrieved from ” https: Durham hires Maria Deluca, an Autoverse enthusiast, to design an Autoverse program which, given a powerful enough computer, could generate a planet’s worth of evolvable Autoverse life.

This bears a superficial resemblance to Robert J. Without going into the synopsis this book is essentially about what constitute reality, an examination of the nature of the consciousness, and vity implication and psychological impact of digitization of personalities for the original people and the “Copies”. The question arises of whether the TVC universe is infinite or will collapse from entropy as most theorists expect of our own universe.