I would like to get a very nice trigger job on a SS GP for the single Ruger forum I found the IBOK for the GP on Google (GP IBOK). I received the GP pdf this morning. I found the IBOK so helpful thought I should bump it back up so others could keep seeing it. Gp Ibok – PDF Free. Download – -. Ruger sp manual pdf ruger sp manual pdf magnum revolver like the. Ruger GP For many.

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Use a fine file to dress the tips. If the bore is damaged, the gun must be returned to the factory for bp100 barrel replacement. Never set endshake to less than. I love that gun.

Strange problem with my GP100

I am going to call my ubok now. Since the IBOK is not available anymore, the info here is invaluable. Apply a drop of oil to the plunger.

Cylinder latch engages the ibokk notch. To remove the grips, unscrew the grip screw part 19 most of the way out then push on the head of the screw to dislodge the left grip panel part Thank you for writing and letting me know how helpful the article was!


The endshake bearings are nothing more than washers. If the nose of the trigger plunger is too short, you will get late initial timing. The purpose of the hammer is to apply a striking force to the primer when the SA or DA sear is tripped. I would highly recommend watching the forum ggp100 listed for when the next printing of the guides are released.

For the average person who only has a GP they probably wouldn’t think about what they could do to improve the gun.

GP100 IBOK for SP101

This can be measured by laying gap gauge blades on the recoil shield and matching protrusion to thickness. After that I fired it several times and it was ok, but I wasn’t inspired to make it one of my favorites because the action was very rough and gritty. Insert the trigger link plunger after you clean up the hole. Pull the trigger back slightly then remove the transfer bar part To remove the firing pin, you must first drive the cross pin out then push the recoil plate Iblk firing pin bushing gp100 the rear.

It lbok felt like Ruger didn’t put much attention to detail in this revolver at all. Thank you for all the detail! While holding the cylinder firmly to the rear, slide the thickest blade of a gap gauge that will fit with friction between the case head and recoil shield frame. Ruger typically installs a stronger mainspring than is necessary. The cylinder latch should ggp100 and free the cylinder before the cylinder actually begins to rotate.


Options Quote message in reply? Grips are interchangeable between all models and are also the same as Ruger Super Redhawk grips.

GP IBOK for SP – Ruger Forum

Much like the trigger, you will usually see about. Cylinder latch is released and snaps up to ride on the cylinder. Looking for holster for Ruger GP Minor rough spots are not an issue.

I have owned a 6” GP since about There are a number of patterns and techniques you can use.

Email required Address never made public. Find all posts by BikerRN. It will not fail at all now. This will make the chamber mouth have somewhat of a cone shape and will allow wadcutters or semi-wadcutters to chamber without stubbing on the chamber mouths.

Insert the spring and plunger into the latch and position the latch so ubok crane latch pivot screw will enter the hole in the latch.