View and Download DIGITECH GNX4 owner’s manual online. Multi-Modeling Recording Guitar Workstation. GNX4 Music Pedal pdf manual download. Digitech GNX4 Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Digitech GNX4 Owner’s Manual, Release Note. The first, I have a Gnx4 and if you have one or have something similar and have good This is covered on Page 21 of the USER MANUAL.

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Is that your GNX tone?

Digitech Gnx4 Programming Help

Guitar Signal Routing And Amp Parameter Values Setting Each Track’s Playback Level Meter will reach clipping much easier which will cause distortion in the audio being played back.

The GNX model was their last decent sounding multi pedal imho. This will ensure that all.

Setting Up Pro Tracks Plus 1. Deleting Songs And Loops Turn The Compressor Off To begin recording a loop is no different than when you are doing multi-track recording. To print the manual completely, please, download it. Computer Recording Via Usb I agree on plugging it right in to the amp. Turn The Stompbox Modeling Off The Mic and Line Setups are configurations for the mic and line inputs designed for both live performance and recording applications.


Control Panel or press Footswitches 4 and 5 simultaneously until they light red to select Recorder mode. I know it’s never fun to read gnxx4 darn manual, but with something like the GNX it’s really part of being an effective user of the device.

Every “warped” preset can be saved as an “Amp Model” and then brought up later and combined with any other amp model. Don’t have an account?


Pressing and holding this footswitch scrolls down through banks. What’s really nice is I’m not using my computer to rec my guitar anymore.

Detune that turns off the input to the Delay and lets you play over the top of a passage in the Delay loop. Now This seems to be the tricky part because as I do like all the bells and whistles, most of the bells and whistles do not sound very good going into the preamp.

Mar 10 The GNX4 has eight individual tracks that can be recorded to. Make some recordings forus! Sorry for the late response Todd, here is the vid. The second is a live setup which it is the front runner of my tube amp.


The GNX4 uses a specific song and track file naming convention that needs to be maintained when exchanging files with a computer. Stomp Box Modeling A Noise Gate is designed to eliminate hiss and use noise while kanual are not playing. Using The Gnxfc For Looping Turn The Delay Off Mod Mix – Knob 5 controls the mix of wet and dry signal.

I have yet to find a floor uni that sounds better at ANY price point.