It is believed that Gajendra Moksha Mantra is one of the very powerful Mantra’s in the world and gives the chanter of this mantra power to face difficulties and. GAJENDRA MOKSHAM (THE RELEVANCE IN OUR LIFE). Everyone knows the story of Gajendra Moksham. Instead of going to the story, I am. Gajendra moksha – the liberation of Gajendra Gajendra’s prayers of surrender to Lord Vishnu. The prayer made by Gajendra on this occasion became a famous.

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When the sage was praying to Sun God, out of fun HuHu pulled the leg of the sage from under water. Most useful arati, Bhajan and chalisha of god and goddess in hindi language.

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Sampoorna Sri Ramayanam Sri Mahalakshmi Vaibyavamu All his family members, relatives and friends gathered around to help him, but in vain. May 11, In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

Gajendra Moksha

Archives Archives Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Showing 1 to 1 of 1 photos. On seeing the Lord approaching on his Garuda vahana, Gajendra managed to pluck a lotus from the pond and waived it in the direction of the Lord in gajenfra surrender, unmindful of the terrible pain.

Sri Lalita Sahasra Namam.

Gajendra Moksha – Wikipedia

Gajendra, in his previous life, was Indradyumna, a great king who was devoted to Vishnu. Sri Rama Pattabhishekamu Sri Vinayaka Vaibhavamu By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


Because Indradyumna had been devoted to Vishnu, the god had him born as Gajendra and made him realize that there is something called Kaivalya which is beyond Svarga and Urdhva Lokathe realm of the gods. On a hot day, he proceeded with his herd to a lake to cool off in its fresh waters.

He trumpeted in pain and helplessness until he was hoarse. He began to sing the praises of the Lord, which has come to be known as Gajendra Stuthi by people. Sage Agasthya cursed him on account of disrespecting him when he visited his court, pointing out his arrogance. Gajendra represents the King of Indriyas our senses. We too in life, many a time harbour egotism and pride, which will have to be given up by surrendering to the Lord. Suddenly a crocodile living in the lake attacked Gajendra and caught him by the leg.

Value from Gajendra Moksham Prayer and surrender are two important aspects that can safely take us ashore in times of difficulties as in the story of Gajendra Moksham in Srimad Bhagavatam. Account Options Sign in. As the struggle was seemingly endless it is believed that the crocodile held Gajendra’s foot for over a thousand yearsand when he had spent his last drop of energy, Gajendra called to the god Vishnu to save him, holding a lotus up in the air as an offering.

He resorted to release himself by twisting and turning his body, but all went in vain as the crocodile was firm in its resolve. He expressed his anger by sinking his teeth into the leg of Gajendra. Alaya Darsanamu Achara Vaisshtyam.


When he had spent his last drop of energy, Gajendra called to the god Vishnu to save him, holding a lotus up in the air as an offering. Aug 04, New Videos on “Andhra Mahabharatham” are loaded in website. Contact Us Feedback Subscribe. Indradyumna could attain Moksha finally when he as Gajendra left all his pride mokshqm doubt and totally surrendered himself to Vishnu. Mokshham moksha – the liberation of Gajendra Gajendra’s prayers of surrender to Lord Vishnu. Total File s Size.

Gajebdra Sankaracharya Kakinada Bhagavatam Krishna Tatvam Sri Aditya Vaibhavamu Gajendra then attained a form like that of the god Sarupya Mukti and went to Vaikuntha with Vishnu. Know what the August 11 Solar Eclipse is bringing for you on the basis of your Zodiac. It went on for long, the tug of war between Gajendra and the crocodile.

Gajendra Moksham

Horoscope Predictions by date of birth. One day, Agastyaa great rishi sage came to visit the king, but Indradyumna remained seated, refusing to rise up to receive the sage with due respect. As Gajendra sighted the god coming, he lifted a lotus with his trunk.

Gajendra writhed in pain as the crocodile claimed his leg. NetAll rights reserved. Thus the story of Gajendra moksham and the liberation of the crocodile both had the common mistake of egotism, which was destroyed in the hands of Gqjendra Vishnu.