InshAllah, our Urdu book, the translation of from Indus to Oxus — Darya e Sind sey Darya e Amo Tak is now almost ready, alhamdolillah! We shall give. Buy From Indus to Oxus By Zaid hamid 1st by Zaid Hamid (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible. Free Urdu Pdf Books | Best SmartPhones | Android Reviews | APK’s. Free Urdu Novels, Free APK FROM INDUS TO OXUS BY ZAID HAMID.

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Join our voluteer team. The Debate with Zaid Hamid.

Why was Zaid Hamid detained in Saudi Arabia? Why Pakistan produces Faisal Shahzads”. We had trom you that today, we will cross another milestone in our sacred journey towards Takmeel e Pakistan — launch of our gift of adab and love for Sayyadi Rasul Allah sm — Urdu translation of our English book — From Indus to Oxus! We shall do this duty for them.

It is the responsibility of the Muslim scholars to come forwards and reject and condemn the deviant ideology of Khawarij but the scholars are not doing it strongly enough. InshAllah, these ground breaking historical account would change the entire fdom of the Afghan Jihad and would decisively alter the way Afghan Jihad was viewed by the historians and the analysts alike.

Zaid Hamid

On 1 July media sources began citing unconfirmed reports that Hamid has been sentenced to 8 years in prison, and 1, or 1, lashes, for criticizing the government in Saudi Arabia. A number of Pakistani journalists, writers and Islamic scholars [8] have criticized Hamid and have described his views on politics and security as conspiracy theories.


Nidus Secret Agency RAW Behind secession of East Pakistan As commonly believed in Pakistan, it has now been confirmed that India played infus pro-active role in causing discontent in former East Fgom, resulting in its cessation from rest of the country.

This is your moment to contribute to the mission! You can visit our office directly in Pindi and by them OR give us a call at ,7.

This halal rizq brings barakah which you see in this mission today, alhamdolillah. You can order the book inside Pakistan only. High quality recitations of oxhs Quran.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. People who follow this Blog. You cannot know about Pakistan if you have not read the vision, mission, emotions and aspirations of our founding fathers.

From Indus To Oxus Urdu By Zaid Hamid Pdf pdf Download Read Online

Standing on the Afghan bank of Oxus River, in cool whispering bre A crtiical note on TTP and their ideology It is the responsibility of the Muslim scholars to come forwards and reject and condemn the deviant ideology of Khawarij but the scholars are not doing it strongly enough.

They will get it from Ferozsons. Akbar Bugti was the patron and mentor of treacherous BLA. Gandhi and Jinnah – a study in contrasts 2 years ago. He said “Zaid Hamid is a quisling and enemy of Islam and Pakistan, who had plotted unsuccessfully to assassinate the pro-democracy army chief Gen Kayani.


Majestic Messages of Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid: Publications

Here, BrassTacks once again destroy the enemy propaganda. Contact Zaid Hamid Contact numbers: This is NOT an ordinary book, this is a milestone in creating a greater Pakistan on the march towards Takmeel.

Akbar Bugti had waged a war not just against the state o f Pakistan but also against his own tribe of Raheja, Kalpar and Messori Bugti sub-clans Any confusion, contact our office directly. Retrieved 2 May This page ihdus last edited on 24 Novemberat Retrieved 31 March If you do not have Ferozsons outlets in your cities, contact your nearest bookstore.

Lets do Takmeel e Pakistan. Missing persons of Baluchistan – looking beyond obvious Media would never tell these facts to the nation.

The Debate with Zaid Hamid. The book is available in Lahore at these points: Relevant Links Who is Zaid Hamid? Not to be confused with Zahid Hamid. The Times of India.

ZH’s Memoirs in Urdu.