Francesco Carotta, Writer: The Gospel of Caesar. Francesco Carotta is a writer, known for The Gospel of Caesar () and Death Masks (). Kindle Singles Newsstand Accessories Content and Devices Kindle Support Advanced Search. Francesco Carotta. + Follow Books By Francesco Carotta. Jesus Was Caesar: On the Julian Origin of Christianity: An Investigative Report [ Francesco Carotta, Tommie Hendriks, Joseph Horvath, Manfred Junghardt.

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In the s he was active as a writer in the cultural-political movements in FrankfurtBologna and Rome. Get to Know Us.

The perforation holes could also have served to hold transverse pieces of wood, which then represented a cruciform miniature tropaeum fig. Historical Sketches, Eugene English Choose a language for shopping.

Carotta’s book and its translations have drawn little serious academic attention. On the Julian Origin of Christianity.

Therefore the stone could originally have been utilized in a different fashion. Carotta lives in Kirchzarten near Freiburg.

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It is worthy of scholarly discourse. Then the end shall come like a torrent.

But if he did not want to depict a living or dying man, but an effigy, a crucifix, for example the resting Christ with articulated arms, which on Good Friday was lifted to and later again descended from the Cross, then the image is absolutely plausible and realistic. A winged figure66 is lighting the scene with the upright torch of immortality. Thus the secondary interpretation of the seven stars as planets see above could make sense as well: Cam Francesco Carotta”Madonna mia”, in Cam ed.


A Study of the Nobility from 44 B.

Otherwise the Christian catacombs and churches at first only displayed the slaughtered lamb csrotta the Good Shepherd, then later the triumphant Christ as pantokrator. This book is very interesting so far. Apart from the wanton destructions by the iconoclasts, who rejected human representations and realistic images of the Crucifixion and instead propagated the bare cross, could it not be that older figures do not exist because they did not survive?

King called upon future researchers to seek an enhanced understanding of antiquity by investigating these small and still insufficiently examined works of art. Caesarian origin of Christianity Gospel as a diegetic transposition.

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The cult surrounding Jesus Christ, son of God and originator of Christianity, appeared during the second century. Idem with spread arms; cp. It is a methodological error to a priori declare something potentially non-Christian as Christian and consequently—instead of looking for possible ancient non-Christian precursors—rather postulate a case of forgery, simply because it contradicts a prefabricated Christian evolutionary pattern.

Accordingly, the crescent moon of Orpheos Bakkikos is not situated in the sky above the crucified figure, but on the peak of the cross,41 because it carotga not a representation of the real moon but a crucifixed replica of the moon, maybe cwrotta silver, a silent titulus crucis, the crescent shape of which already reveals something specific: He became active in left-wing political groups that had formed in the wake of the protest movement carottaaand he freelanced for alternative publishing houses like the Stroemfeld Verlaga communal cinema and the ID Informationsdienst.


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Such figures displayed on crosses during the Holy Week are indeed conceivable for early Christianity, because Easter was celebrated from the beginning,50 but they were not documented. The form of the apex of a colonial flamen Divi Iulii is known from a find in Alexandria Troas, a city where Herodes Atticus constructed a famous aqueduct see above. Detachable crucifix, Bad Wimpfen am Carottta, Germany.

Jesus was, indeed, Caesar: So instead of postdating by several centuries we only need to antedate a little. The flamines maiores wearing their apex on the processional frieze of the Ara Pacis south face.

Carotta, Francesco 1946-

Crucifixion with Judas, British Museum, London: Therefore it was rather considered to be an amulet. Unlike what we would expect from a convert, he never showed repentance. If the two elements only served to stabilize the cross they would come in the form of wedges or angles, which would have been vrancesco suitable. Orpheos Bakkikos, drawing and magnified original.

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