FRAKO power factor correction (PFC) systems make a major contribution to achieving energy efficiency and EMR , RM and RM use micro-. The reactive power control relay RM and RM respectively can be .. Model RM /12 Sales Programme Power capacitors for low voltage FRAKO. and RM respectively is capa- ble of measuring the 6 switching contacts at RM • Power factor FRAKO Power Bus Connection *) ..

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It should be noted that, even when operating as an alarm contact, this switching contact continues to have potential binding to the supply voltage of the control relay.

All information on FRAKO

The check system mode defines the present stage ratings as reference values for subsequent stage rating checking. This function should be frxko to OFF when choked capacitor stages are used. For advanced connection variations see sections 2. This connection can be used to switch the control relay to a different measuring procedure for monitoring overcurrent see section 2.

Connection with control transformer 2. Programmable overcurrent alarm threshold limit from1.

Rear view j Connection for the current transformer m Connectors for the control contacts that frsko the contactors. The greater the deviation, the shorter the reaction time.

Programmable overcurrent alarm threshold limit from1. If the power factor displayed does not correspond to the actual power factor, the identification of the connection must be repeated.

Reactive Power Control Relay RM /12

Their high accuracy and sensitivity even in networks heavily polluted with harmonics make them suitable for power generation installations and installations which provide continuous or sporadic feed-in to the supply network. The control relay needs ftako be connected to at least one capacitor stage to switch in order to determine the type of connection.


Set the response current correctly according to Table 1 or Formula 1. Four-quadrant power control with LED display when active power is generated into mains. If the operating point of the control relay is above the control band see section 4.

Please enter your name. To simplify matters the control relay is set to standard values in the factory see table 1 below. An alarm signal is emitted at the same time. The maximum overcurrent factor Ieff. Target power factor 0. The control relay is capable of calculating the ratio between the rms current and the fundamental wave current 50 – 60 Hz in the capacitor. When all messages have been acknowledged, the control relay begins the automatic regulating process.

However, the control band levels off at low values of active power in order to avoid overcompensation. Notes on troubleshooting 28 Necessary action Check that operating voltage applied framo the control relay is at the right level.

If all possible switching combinations are sorted according to reactive power capacitythen the power difference between two consecutive combinations may not be more than 1. If alarm output was activated on contact 6 of the RM device or contact 12 of the RM device setup codethis contact also closes.

Step size of capacitor is too large. This results in a markedly increased life expectancy for the system. No automatic switching activities are carried out in manual mode. Programmable values 16 If no key is pressed for about 15 minutes, setup mode is quit automatically. Historical alarms alarms that are not pending at present are not reported at the alarm contact.

FRAKO power factor control relays help in solving complex problems ranging far beyond the pure control of reactive power to a set target cos phi. Drako such cases the target power factor should be set with a small zero preceding the decimal point see Figure 9. If set to On the control relay operates with the response current determined at initial start-up and the values mr for the switch outputs.


All components of a power factor correction system are operated carefully by these control relays and protected from overloads. Flashing messages that begin with E e. The device should always be switched off before carrying out wiring or installation activities. The ind and cap LEDs b show whether the network is loaded with capacitive or inductive reactive power.

The control relay creates a tolerance band or control band around its target in this case the target is to permit no reactive power. So the control band is completely within the frakoo range for the mode of regenerative power.

This message is acknowledged automatically after about 30 seconds or can be acknowledged by pressing any key. After the overcurrent falls below the limiting value, the control relay begins to activate the stages again after waiting about 5 minutes. This means that there are deviations from the types of connection vrako that do not restrict the control process.

It is acknowledged automatically for each stage after about 15 seconds or can be acknowledged earlier by pressing any key. If set to Off the response current setup code and the value of the switch outputs must be programmed manually.

For a target power factor of 1.