This manual is part of the THE SUCCESSFUL CLUB SERIES. A little talk at the Executive Toastmasters Club of Makati, Philippines on The Successful Club Series Evaluate to Motivate by ACG-ALB Raju. Evaluate to Motivate. Why Evaluate? Logical. Communication is not a one way process. Did your communication succeed? How could it have been more.

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Unauthorized use is prohibited. As an evaluator, you can’t make the speaker change their behaviour. Playing up our strong points and improving on our weak points helps us to feel better about ourselves.

Did the speaker step out from, or hide behind the lectern? Are you speaking in a monotone?

Use descriptive and personal statements. From the standpoint of the audiencewe learn from the good example that an effective evaluation presents.

ALB #2 – Evaluate to Motivate

Wish you all the best for your future projects. Why give an evaluation? They may even exaggerate to the good side. What facial expressions were demonstrated? The way you toastnasters, the posture you maintain, the attention you pay, the facial expressions you make really matters to the speaker and are one of the factors which affect his speech delivery.


Burrard Toastmasters – Resources, Evaluate To Motivate

As speakerseffective evaluations benefit us in a few ways. This module provides a terrific education program orientation. Then deliver the speech. Show that you care Suit your evaluation to the speaker Learn the speakers objectives Listen actively Personalize your language Give positive reinforcement Help the speaker become motivated Evaluate the behaviour not the person Nourish self esteem Show the speaker how to improve Speakers Responsibilities Communicate your goals Help your evaluator prepare Prepare diligently Empathize with your evaluator Help your evaluator improve Prepare to change How can we improve?

It is advisable that new members do not evaliate up evaluation until they have delivered a considerable number of speeches and are familiar with the evaluation procedure.

Evaluations are the way we help each other, and ourselves, learn.

Evaluation To Motivate

To be effective in helping people grow, evaluation must do two things: What words were used? To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: You are not speaking on behalf of the audience; in fact, your opinions may differ from those toastmasrers the rest of the audience. In this approach the speaker is able to just listen and focus on what the evaluator is saying. In Toastmasters the assigned evaluator provides both immediate written and verbal feedback to the speaker.

So when you evaluate, remember that he or she is waiting for a comment about an area to improve. How to Evaluate Effectively Show that you are interested.


Sometimes when the meeting is running long and the general evaluation is cut short, the evaluation of the evaluators is often missed or glossed over however, for everyone to improve it is important that evaluators are evaluated. But there are chances that you might miss out certain points during your minutes of evaluation. Ho Rohn Self Help Guru. But over time, it becomes old and stale and will demoralize the atmosphere of a club.

EVALUATE TO MOTIVATE – District 25 Toastmasters

Evaluations Benefit Speakers In Toastmasters the assigned evaluator provides both motlvate written and verbal feedback to the speaker. Before the speech, talk to the speaker. Phrase your suggestions in terms of the probable effect of their implementation on you and the members of the audience.

Effective evaluations help us all become better speakers. How to Evaluate Effectively? Provide the speaker with information, in the form of descriptive feedback, related to the impact of his or her communicative effort on you.