PREVIOUS YEAR QUESTION PAPER QUESTION BANK STUDY METHODS (ENGINEERING CORNER SPECIAL) tags:ec digital electronics syllabus. anna university EC Digital Electronics Lecture notes EC TO ALL DEPARTMENTSDETAILS: SUBJECT NAME: EC Digital Anna university plus provide lecture notes,question papers,syllabus,modal. EcUnit IV Memory Devices Digital Electronics – Download as PDF File .pdf) , Digital Lab Manual for CSE & IT – Anna Univeristy Chennai Syllabus –

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B.E ECE Semester 3 (III) – Regulation – Syllabus (Anna University)

List the basic types of shift registers in terms of data movement. Define static 1 hazard, static 0 hazards, and dynamic hazard? Give the four elementary operations for addition and subtraction. Draw the circuit of the minimal expression using only NAND gates. Summarize the design procedure for asynchronous sequential circuit. Management – Programme Requirements.



Implement the above Boolean functions. The University will use all reasonable measures to deliver courses of study as they are outlined at the time of offer. And reduce primitive flow table. Find the decimal equivalent of 9.

What is dynamic hazard? BCD to seven segment decoder for decimal digits 0 through 9. What is the significance of state assignment? Write syllabu short notes on priority encoder. Draw 4 bit binary parallel adder.

What is meant by race condition in digital circuit? Wherever Y is 1, input X is transferred to Z. How does ROM retain information?

EC Digital Electronics Important Questions | Syllabus | 2 Marks with answers | JPR Notes

Show that the NAND gate is a universal building block. What are races and cycles? Otherwise the output is zero. What are the various types of sjllabus of flip-flops?

Find the decimal equivalent of 7. Obtain the primitive flow table for an asynchronous circuit that has two inputs x,y and one. Derive the characteristic equation of a SR flip wc2203.


What are the steps for the analysis of asynchronous sequential circuit? A seven bit Hamming code is received as What are the advantages of shift registers?

Write the HDL description of the circuit specified by the following Boolean function. What is meant by weighted and non-weighted coding? Chemistry – Programme Requirements. Draw the state table for the machine. To search for individual modules, click here: What is the correct code?

What is code converter?

Find the hexadecimal equivalent of the octal number List the types of hazards? Write down ayllabus truth table of a half sub tractor. Design a 3 bit binary Up-Down counter.

Write a short note on counter applications.