French author Claire de Duras’s novel Ourika (), originally published anonymously, centers around the true story of a woman who was purchased as a . Project Gutenberg · 58, free ebooks · 3 by duchesse de Claire de Durfort Duras. Ourika by duchesse de Claire de Durfort Duras. No cover. The Project Gutenberg EBook of Ourika, by Claire Duras This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere in the United States and most other parts of the world at .

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That one simple phrase threw me into a sympathetic state of distress for our self-deprecating character.

To imagine that Ourika is a simply a tale about a woman ouroka is distraught over a man is to severely misread the richness of this novel, which offers a complex regard of dutas, blackness, womanhood, identity, and intercultural acceptance.

Naturally, I then decided I could not read Possession until I read the first two novels. This story could have, in all honestly, been told over the course of pages. I planned to read it last year, but shortly before starting, I read an article about books inspired by other books. Their explicit distance from popular social society. A best-seller in the s, Ourika captured the attention of Duras’s peers, including Stendhal, and became the subject of four contemporary plays.

Ourika by duchesse de Claire de Durfort Duras

Ellison He Said, She Said: Very dense language and a lot of ideas and themes and struggles packed into a mere 45 pages. Only one of the libraries ourlka my area has a copy and it resides in their special collections section, making it restricted from leaving the library building or being checked out beyond a few hours at a time.

She finally ends up retreating to the convent, where the doctor meets her. Yet, beside this all to common fact of life, this novel is also telling a far more uplifting story, one that debunks some deeply ingrained stereotypes that have nurtured social ordinance.


Browse all BookRags Study Guides. Every ourkia tells us the story of genuine love and attachment. Jan 22, Lauren rated it really liked it. I learned English and Italian, and Mme de B.

Ourika by Claire de Duras

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Young Ourika falls in love with her patroness’s son, but Charles marries a sixteen-year-old girl of noble family: With it begins a continued recognition of negation that accompanies alientation–in addition to not-French, she is not-daughter, not-wife, not-mother, etc. The love story added to the narrative helps the reader empathize more, as the issues of the heart humanize and bring us closer to the character.

I guess the term I’m looking for here is indifference. Modern Language Association of America, Ourika, was saved from slavery and lived in France and also was alienated except for her skin color.

Short but not sweet, Ourika is named for its protagonist. Would be a great piece to study in the classroom though. The first known novel to talk about life from the perspective of a negro woman, “Ourika” explores the French society through its most tumultuous times: In holding with these subjects, tragedy is a common theme.

But this book is just whiny, and about as subtle as a hurricane. This study guide contains the following sections: Madame’s friend says that Ourika can never get married, because no good man will want to have half-black children, and any man who euras want that isn’t good enough to marry Ourika. She passed away five years after writing Ourika, and only wrote one other circulated novel.

Ourika: An English Translation Summary & Study Guide

Ourikaa was published as far away as St Petersburg, and enjoyed a wide readership. Duras succinctly and compellingly enters the mind of her protagonist, a character who’s fate seems to resemble the autho Short but not sweet, Ourika is named for its protagonist. Aside from being the longest thing I’ve ever read in French god, that’s pathetic.


Nobody needed mw, I was isolated from all. Her health worsened, and she nearly died. She has literally no prospects, and no future. It is short, its narrative structure is uncomplicated, its vocabulary is limited, its plot is straightforward. I prayed God not to let it be like duuras, to remove me from the face of the earth. I had only one friend of my own age and my dark skin never meant he did not like me”. Paliyenko Sue Peabody Scott M. Ourika is raised as an upperclass Frenchwoman, and is completely unaware that her race is a problem until she overhears Madame de B discussing her marriage prospects.

Books by Claire de Duras.

Ourika: An English Translation Summary & Study Guide

No one can gauge how much another has suffered. Outika the Foreword by John Fowles, the translator talks about his love affair with books in general and particularly with Ourika. Interesting treatments of the French revolution background but significantwomen’s positions in aristocratic society and a unique version of double or triple consciousness.

Ourika – Claire de Duras – Brina. I liked painting, and a famous painter took it upon himself to direct my efforts. She is from Senegal, she is black. Aug 12, Liralen rated it really liked it Shelves: