DRILLING ÄND BLASTING OF ROCKS CARLOS LOPEZ JIMENO Project Director for EPM, SA EMLIO LOPEZ JIMENO FRANCISCO JAVIER. Submitted By. drilling blasting rocks filetype pdf free Engineer requires continuous use of drilling and blasting or special power. Facts About: Underwater Drilling. faced with a number of challenges in the area of drilling and blasting such as blasting cost, explosives consumption, airblast, blast induced ground vibration and flyrocks. Sorry, there is no online preview for this file type.

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Generally speaking, the blastholes are drilled with the Same diameter, ranging from 89 to m. Blasthole depth und stemming height pressuring systems. If the structure is complex and is next to other buildings that have to be respected, a careful study must be canied The two most common types of demolitions are: Parhmetros Crilicos en la Fragmentacibn de Rocas con Explosivos.

If the charge distribution is selective, with an explosive of high density and strength in the bottom and one of low density and medium strength in the column, the burden values oscilate between 33 and 39 times the blasthole diameter D, depending upon the compressive rock strength and the height of the bottom charge.

Tunnel construction Mining Explosives Civil engineering. The values of C, and C2 are calculated considering that K, and K2 are equal to 1, which implies that, for the moment, the burden and spacing are equal: Matrix of diletype comparison of formulas to calculate burden value in bench blasting.

In these cases the pressures are maintained between 0.

Drilling and blasting

Masonry bridges This is the oldest type of construction and it usually has, pillars, abutments and arches of masonry of quite large size, along with materials like mass concrete injected with gravel, Fig.

Wooden plug with anti-return check valve.

Rotary Drilling with Rolling Tricone Bits 5. This is the most common in bench heights of 10 to 12 m. With the nomographs of Figs Evaluation of Blast Results An important factor to remember when estimating the flushing flow is that of charging losses produced due to the narrow conducts through which the fluid must pass flushing needle, drill steel holes as well as along the dnll stnng.

Strain energy is released, with consequent impact of the cutting edge drillin the rock surface, and comrninution of rock fragments.


The placing of the blastholes can be done on a staggered square Pattern which allows better distribution of Concrete walls In the case of reinforced concrete walls that form part of the retaining structure, the patterns used are detailed in Table One inconvenience of the system isthe irregularity and poor condition of the roof after each blasting.

The height of the colurnn charge is calculated by the difference between the length of the blasthole and the sum of the stemrning length and that of the bottom charge. Cutter blades which slit the cartridges Open, and the force – Better control over explosives and their supply. A variation of the room and pillar method in inclined orebeds is composed of sloping drifts which serve as access to the operation zones and can be climbed by the jumbos.

In collaring errors, it is frequent to find deviations of more than 10 cm or typically about one hole diameter. The exchangeable tanks of explosive are made of stainless steel with capacities of close to 2.

Steel bridges on abutments und pillars of masonry This type of bridge is very common in railways and implies dismantling the whole metai structure by conventionai methods or by blasting with plaster charges as long as the throw does not constitute a risk; and blasting the pillars and abutments afterwards.

This is the most important advantage. Steels nch in carbon, chains, cables, reinforcing bars, high resistance elements, etc. As to blasting costs, the following concepts are included: Demolition of square or cirkular section towers. The configuration of the blasting that produces large blocks is different from conventional bench blasting.

W Russe11 Crowsnest Resources Filrtype Inrr-pihred Open pir blastinf. For the latter, the air is pressurized by compressor activated by the motor of the vehicle, which also has recipients of the explosive for the automatic recharging of the vessels, or a prepared space for ANFO sack Storage when the refilling is done by hand.

Hansson Nitro Nobel AB: As for Span bridges, constructed with pretensed concrete beams, demolition is carried out in two different phases: The resisting torque T. At – The possibility of using ANFO, of lower cost than the end filetjpe the hose where the explosive emerges there are watergels and emulsions, after dewatering the blast-oles.

Drilling and Blasting of Rocks – CRC Press Book

The advantages of this System are its simplicity and low cost. All instructor resources are now available on our Instructor Hub. Pit and Quarry, Aug.


The first to use this method for underwater blasting was Charles Pasley who employed it in to break up the wreck boasting the British warship HMS Royal George which had become a shipping hazard at Spithead. The unit can be installed on a jeep-type vehicle or on the back of an ANFO charge truck. It must be taken into account that drilling costs usually This chapter will study the first three types of blastdescend as the diameter increases.

Desage y Drenaje de Explotaciones a Cielo Abierto. According to Duvall and Atchisonwith high strength explosives in porous filegype it might reach a radius of up to 8 D, but it is normally between 2 and 4 D. Learn More fileype VitalSource Bookshelf. On the other hand, quality control is more difficult than with pump trucks. In order to determine the burden, during manydecades, numerous investigations have been carried out and different methods of calculation have been developed.

When the detonation of an explosive creates too many fines, due filetjpe efect of crushing of the rock, blastinh density agents, such as ANFO and the mixtures of ANFO withtechniques known as ‘Decoupling and Spacing the charges’.

Heltzen Thermex Energy Corporation: Brick walls In order to save drilling time, this should be carried out atTable This force is divided into two, one tangential N, and another vertical E, Fig. Taking into account the compressive rock strength, the dimension of H can also be calculated from D with the average values indicated in Table In these chargers, Fig.

On the whole, these models begin with the idenf tification of the most significantparameters, the assigning of a distribution of probabilities to each one, and the simulation by Computer of a large number of cases, selecting a value randomly fileyype the probability dishibution in order to obtain the function of probabilities of fragmentation.

Meanwhile, the cylinder front end 5 is at atmospheric pressure since the exhaust port 6 is Open. The values of fietype constants are obtained by resolving a system of three equations with three unknown quantities established from the data of the size distribution curve of a representative sample of blasted material.