In NEVER HAD IT SO GOOD, Dominic Sandbrook takes a fresh look at the dramatic story of affluence and decline between and Arguing that. Buy Never Had It So Good 1st Edition by Dominic Sandbrook (ISBN:) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Arguing that historians have been besotted by the cultural revolution of the Sixties, Dominic Sandbrook re-examines the myths of this controversial period and.

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At over pages it goes into quite a bit of detail. Doninic Heat v. More worrying perhaps are some statements that sound rather like assertions without evidence that have crept into the text.

A well-known historian, commentator and broadcaster and author of two highly acclaimed books on modern Britain: Books TV Radio Speaking. Above all, he moves effortlessly from the particular to the general and back again, dazzling the reader with peculiar but telling facts, offering tart vignettes of politicians and cultural standard bearers, and demonstrating the extraordinary range of his reading.

They are definitely a canon of work as far as I can tell, one leading into the next and all apparently written in the same style. Although this is the story of the Domknic, it begins in with sandbroook Suez crisis, and ends as the country heads into I’m conscious that I’m just listing things here, but it is really difficult hhad convey the richness of the book without producing a much longer review. A large but very readable book. He paints a picture of the sandbrooi in those post war years, as rationing ended and there was a greater wealth and consumerism.

Kim Philby’s career seems particularly damning, since he sominic not only responsible for the deaths of British assets, not only permitted to escape justice entirely by fleeing to Moscow, he was publicly exonerated in Parliament by sandrbook sitting Prime Minister.

This book was especially enjoyable as I was alive for half of the period covered albeit very young. Yet to start with Suez and to end with the Beatles suggests an awkward, rather forced change of category. It is not just a modern phenomenon, it was happening in the ‘s.


Fascinating social history from when a MacMillan was in charge. Sep 19, Jerry Smith rated it really liked it Shelves: The memories of those who were there, now mostly grandparents and well over 60, are inevitably varied and anecdotal, the intimate and personal often looming larger than the political and the cultural. Seasons in the Sun. Sandbrook’s monumental history of Britain from to explores whether, and how, Britain had “never had it so good” – how Britain emerged from the austerity of the war years into a world of consumerism and the stirrings of change.

It isn’t just the food, the sauce bottle on the cafe tables, and the sanbrook with everything. This dominkc works very well as Sandbrook’s style is highly detailed, broad and deep. Book 1 of the Gereon Rath Mystery Series. Already a subscriber or registered access user?

But Sandbrlok did an excellent job. Sandbrook’s general take on the time is about continuity more than change: Well worth a read and I look forward to reading the next two in due course. The chapters follow a logical sequence that cover many different aspects of the social history of Britain from to the end of If this period of British history interests you then I really recommend this as an informative and entertaining read.

Review: Never Had It So Good by Dominic Sandbrook | Books | The Guardian

Sandbrook does his best, but he lacks the literary talent to cover such a wide canvas and keep the reader awake.

However, I don’t remember them as up front in the later book although I may just have not noticed them.

In JanuaryAnthony Eden resigned as the British prime minister and left with his wife for a cruise to New Zealand. However, this is still a society which clung to traditional views and politics.

April 171: We cover the fast changing world of the lates fifties through to the Profumo Affair and the close of Dominic Sandbrook does it with ease. Read more Yad less. Please update your billing details here.

Never Had It So Good ยท Dominic Sandbrook

With ITV competing with BBC and supermarkets challenging local shops, people have different choices which affect their everyday lives. There is no aspect of British life that he has not considered. Nov 05, Antonomasia rated it really liked it Shelves: My lasting memory of his era, in which I came of age, is the song we used to sing on the various CND marches from Aldermaston, a song with excruciating rhymes but excellent rhythm:.


Please update your billing details here to sandbrlok enjoying your access to the most informative and considered journalism in the UK.

Raise a cheer, never fear, For the safety of the nation when he’s here, He’s a man of action who is known From Wigan Pier to Suez, And wherever there’s confusion He is near.

The 60s? They began in ’56

Topics History books The Observer. Want to read more? Two anecdotes of this book which particularly made me smile: This makes the book perhaps more conversational and readable but I wonder if it is necessary in a history book. Whether or not Harry Truman might have done that, the fact of ndver matter is that he could never have gotten away with it. Alert readers will have noticed that Suez was inbut Sandbrook breaks with precedent and yanks the Sixties out of the culture wars in which, according to taste, it was either the devil’s decade or a time of liberation for the oppressed, and seeing it as a part of long, slow neve in British society.

Dominic Sandbrook tells us that he had intended to write one immense work covering the years from skiffle, duffel coats and espresso bars to the Rolling Stones, miniskirts and discotheques.

Dominic Sandbrook has written an entertaining and complete history of the late s and early s in Britain from the Suez crisis to the coming of the Beatles.

There is plenty on music but little on sport. Sandbrooke works very hard to leave no literary or cultural stone unturned. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web.