A Steve Jobs keynote presentation is an extraordinary expe- rience, and he. a passionate perfectionist and a visionary How I Became a Hindu by David. David Frawley (Vamadeva Shastri) HOW I BECAME A HINDU My Discovery of Vedic Dharma By David Frawley (Pandit Vamadeva Shastry) Contents Foreword. HOW I BECAME A HINDU My Discovery of Vedic Dharma By David Frawley ( Pandit Vamadeva Shastry).

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Frawley has also been at the forefront of questioning the old colonial paradigm within which Indian history and Hindu religion had been situated by nineteenth century Indologists. My revolt was not simply youthful emotion but had an intellectual thrust, which they found hard to refute. This was an unusual way because the Vedas are so old that most Hindus know little about them, following 21 How I Became a Hindu – David Frawley instead more recent teachings. Such direct experience, which was often quite different than ftawley I had expected or was told would be the case, changed my views and brought me to my current position.

But a cultural tradition that promotes spirituality and creativity is very helpful. These prayers were called “indulgences” and allowed us to get rid of our potential punishment after death. They say, “Yes I am a Hindu, but I accept all other religions as well,” which includes religions that do not accept Hinduism! He said that humanity would be unlikely to survive another thirty-five years and there was nothing that anyone could do about it.

Hindu ideas were central to the development of transcendentalism in America in z early decades of the 19th century.

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Second, if one was particularly good one got a bigger house in heaven, with saints having great mansions. The Vedic view allows thinking and debate and can even accept a Krishnamurti who rejects the tradition for his insights on meditation. So though my faith was disturbed I still held on to it, hoping that something better would come from it.

It believes in many paths and recognizes many names and forms for God, both masculine and feminine. My mind grew under new stimulation.

The Role of Yoga and Dharmic Traditions”. Ajay Thakur rated it it was amazing Jun 30, I also corresponded with his ashram in India and studied their magazine, the Hos Path, which I would later write articles for.

It involved visiting Ayurvedic schools and companies in Bombay and Nagpur, and sightseeing to other parts of the country.

This divisive and exclusive idea of religion is the real problem, not religion per se, which is a necessary part fawley human culture. Modern Hindu writers to date. I decided that the spiritual life was better and returned to poetry and meditation as 61 How I Became a Hindu – David Frawley my main activity.

In my case I simply didn’t build bridges to the East, I crossed over them and left them far behind. Discovering Hinduism is something primeval, a contacting of the deeper roots of nature, in which the spirit lies hidden not as an historical creed but as a mysterious and unnamable power.

Want to Read saving…. They had a huge house, as well as a big farm with barns, cows and a wide hindk. Culture is the soil on which we grow like a plant to open out into the boundless sky. Thousands if not millions of Hindus have died for their religion in the many holy wars that have targeted them over the last thousand years.


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It aligns us with the cosmic religion that exists in all worlds and at all times. Relative to Indian 75 How I Became a Hindu – David Frawley teachers, his teaching was clear, modem, liberal and poetic, not tainted by caste, authority or dogma. The power of the mantras continued to unfold and new Vedic vistas arose.

In my first year of public school I become deeply interested in science, particularly astronomy in which we had a special class that entranced me. It is the foundation of Indian culture that is rooted in the Sanskrit language which first arose as Hinduism’s sacred dafid.

How I Became a Hindu: My Discovery of Vedic Dharma

At this time I began to write a philosophical type of poetry, which I kept secretly to myself. But of frawleu to act rather than to renounce is the better path.

The Brahmanas are mainly ritualistic, while the Upanishads emphasize knowledge, but the Samhita or mantra portion of the Vedas can be looked at in either sense. This was not so much a political as an intellectual revolt, though it eventually developed political ramifications. I particularly enjoyed the French symbolist poets like Rimbaud l Mallarme who had a mystic vision.