Ajay Kapur, global strategist at Citigroup, and his research team came up with the term “Plutonomy” in to describe a country that is defined. The full report is available here MarPlutonomy-Report-Leaked-Citigroup-Memo-Part1. Maybe I’m the last person who’s hearing about the Citigroup “plutonomy memos”, but they’re blowning me away. Wait, now that I look around.

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Look up plutonomy in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Top Blog at WordPress.

Plutonomy and the Precariat

Low-end developed market labor might not have much economic power, but it does have equal voting power with the rich. It was getting to the point of sit-down strikes, which are frightening to the business world — you could see it in the business press at the time — because a sit-down strike is just a step before taking plutonmy the factory and running it yourself.

Perhaps that is their vision of a growth sector. The GFC resulted in massive transfers of dollars from ordinary taxpayers to the wealthy via the bail-outs when the big financial institutions momentarily embraced socialism.


You are commenting using your Facebook account. Why kill it off, if you can join it? Notify me of new posts via email. It was a partial victory because, even though they lost, it set off other efforts.


And the s accelerated it. Almost all the smart folks we know — our investors, our colleagues, our friends in academia, politicians believe in some variant of these two stories.

The rich have come back richer than ever. Indeed, in the U. The last 4 pages of this page citigtoup consist of conflict disclosures and disclaimers, starting with this “Analyst Certification.

But as yet, there seems little political fight being born out on this battleground.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. These economies have seen the rich take an increasing share of income and wealth over the last 20 years, to the extent that the rich now dominate income, wealth and spending in these countries.

But unless the spirit of the last year, here and elsewhere in the country and around the globe, continues to grow and becomes a major force in the social and political world, the chances for a decent future are not very high.

If only it were that. There were other factors. They cifigroup on to say: According to Kapur and team, “the balance sheets of the plutonomists have been an important transmission channel of monetary policy. You have to form the structures that will be sustained, that will go on through hard times and can win major victories.


After the first few years, by the mids — although the situation was objectively much harsher than it is today — nevertheless, the spirit was quite different.

Citigroup’s plutonomy memos | mathbabe

The Occupy movements could provide a mass base for trying to avert what amounts to a dagger pointed at the heart of the country. The World is dividing into two blocs — the Plutonomy and the rest. Or it could be quotes like these, explaining citiroup of the plutocrats regarding tax policy:. Alongside this began a sharp rise in the costs of elections, which drove the political parties even deeper into the pockets of the corporate sector.

Plutonomy and the Precariat.

Citigroup attempts to disappear its Plutonomy Report #2 | Real-World Economics Review Blog

These guidelines exist to further that reputation. View Printer Friendly Version.

Download the Citigroup plutonomy memos here: Screw democracy, long live the plutocrats. The legislation, essentially bipartisan, drives citigfoup fiscal policies and tax changes, as well as the rules of corporate governance and deregulation.