Understanding Phenomenology has 32 ratings and 4 reviews. Yzobelle said: Fantastic series! Cerbone was able to explain profound philosophy using simple.. . Cambridge Core – Philosophy: General Interest – Understanding Phenomenology – by David R. Cerbone. David R. Cerbone, Understanding Phenomenology, Acumen, , pp., $ (pbk), ISBN Reviewed by Dermot Moran.

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Husserl and the project of pure phenomenology. Highly recommended for analytics getting into continental work for the first time, as well as philosophers of mind interested in seeing cergone what extent phenomenology might be able to serve as a foil to contemporary debates in the analytic world. David Cerbone West Virginia University.

Top on the list of possible errors is it could fail to make phenomenology intelligible to non-continental philosophers. Nick Nurre rated it really liked it Sep 20, Lists with This Book. Cerbone has Sartre saying that the transcendental ego is not directly experienced, but surely Husserl would not deny that.

The attitude that comes to diagnose the natural attitude for what it is is actually the theoretical attitude, the attitude of the non-participating spectator.

David R. Cerbone, Understanding Phenomenology – PhilPapers

An Essay in the Philosophy of Edmund Husserl. He simply contrasts Heidegger’s practice of ‘reflective self-awareness’ Cerbone, p. Find it on Scholar. He is very good on Merleau-Ponty’s emphasis on the thickness of sensuous experience and the manner in which the different sensory understznding are intertwined such that I can see a flame as something that will burn and hurt me; I see the carpet as rough, and so on. Phenomenology is recuperative in philosophy precisely because of the emphasis it places on the ‘general validity of the category of experience’ Cerbone, p.


Steven Crowell – undersranding European Journal of Philosophy 20 4: In one sense, it is of course true understnading Heidegger dealt a fatal blow to Husserlian phenomenology, in terms of its future popularity among philosophers.

Cerbone goes on to give a very clear and helpful account of Husserl on the nature of perception, the manner in which objects appear in profiles, and the manner in which the application of the reduction helps to isolate the given precisely as it is given. A Guide for the Perplexedas well as understansing articles on Heidegger, Wittgenstein, and the phenomenological tradition. The book begins with some ‘opening exercises’ to introduce the reader to the phenomenological approach which, for Cerbone, essentially involves taking note of the subjective dimension of experience — ‘attending to experience rather than what is experienced’, Cerbone, cerbonne.


It always struck me phenomenoloy emotions and other ‘immanent’ conscious experiences, Erlebnisse can present themselves in profiles, despite Husserl’s denial. Phenomenology and the Metaphysics of Presence: Charity Becker rated it it was amazing Feb 11, A lot of phenomenology is really focused on the manner in which objectivity is constituted for subjectivity rather than simply an account of the subjective dimension of experience.

David rated it liked it Jul 04, But precisely therein lies the problem.

The real challenge phenomenology confronts is one of establishing the legitimacy — and authority — of its distinctive phenomenoloty in opposition to naturalism. This chapter considers scepticism in both its epistemological and ontological varieties and questions whether either form genuinely engages phenomenological method, properly understood.


Cerbone was able to explain profound philosophy using simple metaphors and analogies for non-philosophy readers.

Overall, however, he presents these doctrines relatively unproblematically, whereas Husserl himself always conveys an impression of struggling deeply to clarify what he wanted to mean. The chapters on individual philosophers begin with short biographical sketches, understandijg there is a short annotated guide to ‘further reading’ at the end of the book.

Understanding Phenomenology

It is a pity Cerbone does not take a more critical stance towards Husserl’s claim here. Tomaj Javidtash rated it really liked it Mar 17, No keywords specified fix it. Understanding Phenomenology by David R.

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Phenomenology in Continental Philosophy. The book also assesses critical responses I do not think we should easily accept at face value Heideggerian or Sartrean criticisms of Husserl without first attempting to ascertain precisely where Husserl himself stood on the central, thorny issues.