Cavalerii danubieni by Ioan Roman, , Scrisul Românesc edition, in Romanian. Cavalerii danubieni by Ioan Roman; 1 edition; Subjects: Fiction, History; Places: Dacia, Rome; Times: Empire, 30 B.C A.D. Get this from a library! Cavalerii danubieni: roman. [Ioan Roman].

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Many problems were clariied by a series of articles, most of them integrated in the previously mentioned monographic studies EphNap 14—15, —, 91— Signiicant efforts are yet to be made in this ield of study: Dacia 5,— Sargetia 15,43— Arce, Javier; Burkhalter, Fabienne Eds.

Cavalerii danubieni, vol. II

ActaMP 11,— Popular in Britannia, she appears only once in Roman Dacia. He took part in the war between the Titans and the Olympians the Titanomachy. WorldCat is the world’s largest library catalog, helping you find library materials online. Apulum 14,— Sargetia 7,87— He was associated with numerous local deities in Dalmatia.

JMS 2, —, 73— The sources The volume enroll over titles on Roman religion57, ancient magic and early Christianity, divided into four major categories: FA 18—19, EphNap 20, danubieji, 61— In Dacia he appears in funeral context or on few igural monuments.

Cavalerii Danubieni – Ioan Roman – Google Books

Please select Ok if you would like to proceed ioa this request anyway. Transylvanian Review 5, 3,32— She-or he-had a temple on Porta Capena in Rome, venerated together with Honos, personiication of the honour.


Views Read Edit View history. Homenaje a la profesora Carmen Castillo, Pamplona,— He dnaubieni asso- ciated with the supreme god of the Greeks and Romans known only from one inscription in Dacia. ActaMN 8,— Being a hapax legomenon, it is hard to identify the god.

Petolescu about the Oriental Cults from Dacia inferior22 or I. After order was restored, he embarked on a four-decade career in government that took him throughout his native Transylvania as well as to Vienna and Budapest.

Ioan Roman (Author of Cavalerii danubieni ,vol.I)

Represented as an old, bearded person it appears especially in the oficial iconography of the Trajanic period, attested in Dacia only on a mosaic. The Greek world worshipped him as the protector god of shepherds, and of cattle breeders. Attested many times on inscriptions in Dacia.

Sargetia 27, 1, —, — Cacalerii attribute is the cornocupia. ActaMN 2,— He was probably of Celtic origin, just like Bussumarius and Tavianus.

ActaMN riman, 1,— Latomus 23,— This work is the most important source through which one is able to which discuss multiple epigraphic, iconographic, or archaeological monuments, or which have a mixt character, neither reviews or popular publications.


I express my candid congratulations for their work, advising them to always remain as dedicated and passionate about their work as they are now.

Some researchers said, that it is a form of Deus Aeternus or Zeus Hypsistos. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. EPRO 50, Leiden, Apulum 24,— His sanctuary in Scheggia was famous in antiquity.

Apulum 4,cavalfrii EphNap 5,— She cavalerio appears besides her father, being depicted with a snake in one hand, and a bowl in the other. Thraco-Dacica 9, 1—2,— DolgSzeged 4, 1—2,1— Some of the interpretations associate this deity with the cult of the Castores or with the Illyrian Menzana.

In Dacia she is worshipped as the goddess of charms and remedies, known from some igurative and epigraphic monuments. She was depicted as a woman either riding side saddle on a horse or in a chariot drawn by a pair of winged steeds.

Cavalerii danubieni

Alicu, Dorin, Templele Miciei. In Dacia she appears only on epigraphic sources. RevMuz 6,— She was sometimes depicted with Apollo Grannus.