What truths are revealed that has caused so many lapsed Catholics to return home? yourself when you read Catholicism and Fundamentalism by Karl Keating. Karl Keating defends Catholicism from Fundamentalist attacks and explains why Fundamentalism has been so successful in converting ‚ÄúRomanists. Keating’s book provides an impressively researched and eminently readable defense of Catholicism Fundamentalists often work on the principle that the Bible is such a .. Karl Keating is founder and senior fellow at Catholic Answers.

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Bernard Orchard et al. Most’s Free from All Error. The portions cited in this book seem to have been written by Sheed.

Catholicism and Fundamentalism

Patrology will give the reader a good grasp of how Christian literature developed in the early centuries, and that in turn shows the continuity of the Church and its doctrines.

At the time I was reading this book, I was heavily involved in homeschooling my children so my primary response to this book was to work harder on Scripture studies with them so they would be less vulnerable. Highly recommended to anybody even remotely interested in the topic.

Quotes from Catholicism and F But something is nagging you. Refresh and try again. The more knowledgeable among them bring up specific historical points the Inquisition, the bad Popes, abuses leading up to the Reformation and expect Catholics to be able to explain how such enormities could proceed from the Church Christ established.

Nov 09, David rated it liked it. I wouldn’t give it a 4. The Catholic needs to read the Bible, of course, and to read it regularly, but that is hardly enough. Lists with This Book.


The first thing, then, after securing one or more translations of the Bible itself, to buy is a commentary. Feb 12, Richly rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: The Catholic unsure keatihg his intellectual stamina should not be scared off.

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fundxmentalism The same goes for the Old Testament, which contains still other kinds of works: At the end of the book, in addition to an appendix comprised kadl six specialized lectures, is a general survey of key points. One needs to set aside time daily so the first chapter is not forgotten by the time the last is reached.

While only someone wanting to go into apologetics on keatiing more or less formal basis or a bookworm will acquire all the books, any Catholic who wants to develop his own faith so he can speak effectively with fundamentalists will get most of them.

In this effort this book is a great success. The book began as a collection of short lesson plans used in the weekly courses Guild members had to take and pass, after rigorous tests before being allowed to speak publicly. We had to cope somehow there and then. I had to if I wanted to wrap my mind around on everything he was saying, and reflect fully on it. Who will rise to tundamentalism as the Antichrist mentioned in Revelations?

Appealing to the Young. Steinmueller’s pages on early English versions of the Bible will be a disappointment to fundamentalists who pick up The Sword of the Spiritmost of them having a sense that the King James Keatimg was the first in English and some of them believing it was in fact the original versionbecause he shows English translations long predated the Reformation.


Apr 24, Nathan rated it it was ok. I think Karl Keating was a little sarcastic in his writing.

Catholicism and Fundamentalism by Karl Keating

Chesterton, and Ronald Knox. He needs also works that will make up for time lost, that will give him insights that catholicsim might reach only after decades of assiduous and prayerful reading of the sacred text, and he needs an appreciation of the background of the Bible, of the kinds of works it contains, and of methods and theories of interpretation.

Or maybe it’s that you would really miss those beautifully lit Midnight Masses. Loraine Boettner, Roman Catholicism Philadelphia: Find your answers here and read the scripture the Church uses to support its teaching.

It has great information for Catholics to learn though. I strongly recommend it to any Bible-believing Christians who have to spend much time witnessing to educated Catholics.

Catholicism and Fundamentalism Food for the Mind

Feb 07, Cocopebbles rated it liked it. Gathering the books mentioned in this chapter will be neither convenient nor inexpensive. Others need to be read in a more sustained fashion not in one evening necessarily, assuming that is even possible for people not afflicted with insomnia, but over a short period of time.

Keating does a great job dismissing many of the misconceptions that is spread through Protestant oeating about Catholicism.