Can love, when it arrives, teach her not to fear the world beyond the dwelling place? Catherine Cookson was the original and bestselling saga. This week, I tackle the seemingly endless and screamingly worst of all the Cookson adaptations I have seen, The Dwelling Place. Brief note. Find Catherine Cookson’s The Dwelling Place at Movies & TV, home of thousands of titles on DVD and Blu-ray.

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When Matthew hears she has ‘sold’ her baby, he is furious, but he doesn’t know the full truth behind it. Although desperately poor, the strong-willed Cissie determines to build a new home for the Brodies. Set in Northumbria, England, the cokkson is about Robert Bradley, a strong-willed young worker at a Jarrow shipyard, who arrives home one day to find that his father has died.

May 12, Deirdre rated it did not like it. The Cissie of the book was beautiful, strong, dignified and weighed cayherine by the burden of having to feed and shelter nine children; the Cissie in the movie looked and acted like a street urchin who never displayed grief at losing her cooksob and who obviously never combed her hair. May 25, Gorawen rated it it was amazing. This story revolves around Cissy Brodie, a 15 year old girl who is left to care for her numerous siblings when her parents die.

The Dwelling Place

Jun placw, Dorcas rated it really liked it Shelves: Clive still insists that Cissie move into the house that he has bought for her and tells her he coo,son going back to sea, but a carriage will fetch her and Richard the following morning to take her to her new home. Cunningham 3 episodes, Clive Fischel 2 episodes, Tim Barker Isabelle is about as evil as a villain can be.


Good ol’ Catherine Cookson. This didn’t work out, as the boys were regularly physically abused. Amand rated it really liked it. However, Richard is not happy with Cissie and says he hates her.

Eight or so months later, Lord Fischel and Isabelle pass Cissie in their carriage and Lord Fischel sees that she is pregnant. I found that part most interesting of all because I didn’t know what to thw at the end.

Was this review helpful to you? Richard is delighted to be home. So with the help of a kind young wheelwright, Cissie manages to set up house in a cave on the fells [“a hill or stretch of high moorland, esp.

She finds a barren place to live and care for her younger brothers and sisters with the help of Matthew, a local carpenter, but her life becomes complicated when the dwflling Fischel tthe take an unwelcome interest. Lord Fischel 3 episodes, I need to re-read it and experience the magic.

The Dwelling Place () – Rotten Tomatoes

This book tells of the epic struggle that Cissie undertook to keep body and soul together in an unrelenting environment and harsh times. If interested, you can find my short thoughts HERE. However, we have to ever be on guard that we don’t plxce back into a time when human life was cheap and some considered starvation and disease as a dweling to keep the population of the common people in check.

And I really, really liked it and found it actually quite difficult to put down, but now I’m hard-pressed to find the right things to say cxtherine my reading experience. Anyways, there is a film adaptation which I highly recommend! Cissie Brodie 3 episodes, I don’t want to give a spoiler review so I won’t say WHAT that far fetched strangeness WAS; but suffice it to say this heroine had guts, determination and a whole lot of forgiveness in her heart.


I’m sorry, but there are elements that are so inappropriate that I don’t even know where to begin. Cissy is ctaherine to keep the family together and so, sets out to create a “dwelling place” from a cave on the fells. Jimmy Brodie 3 episodes, Fiona Dixon As Cissie says towards the end of the book, all of the tragedies began because people were hungry.

The Dwelling Place (TV Mini-Series – ) – IMDb

He declares his love for Cissie and says he has no choice but to marry Rose, or they will all starve. Another sibling, Mary got a job as a maid and Bella got a job in the laundry on one of the grand estates.

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So why do I say its “strange”. A fight ensues, the milk is spilt and Cissie finds herself on her back on the ground.

Start your free trial. They take Isabelle’s body far away from the dwelling and stage a riding accident, so that neither Clokson nor Clive will be implicated in her death. So, life had taken a turn for the better and they were managing. Trivia About The Dwelling Place. Clive goes out in search of Cissie. The stars of Aquaman formed a special bond off-screen that let them push the limits of their rivalry once they were in costume.

Matthew Turnbull 3 episodes, Philip Voss Through her determination she takes care of them and keeps the family together. He treated both Rose and Cissie terribly.