The Finnish Medicines Agency (Fimea) compiles, produces, evaluates and distributes evidence-based impartial information on pharmaceuticals to the general. biological preparatory medicine that improves immunity to a particular disease. Research Groups. Fundamental and translational research in the Department of Ophthalmology is conducted by two research groups located in Canthia.

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Emerging acute Chagas disease in Chayasica Brazil: Chagas disease is an independent risk factor for stroke: Determinants of midterm outcome of partial left ventriculectomy in dilated cardiomyopathy. Congenital transmission of Trypanosoma cruzi infection in Argentina. Assessment of heart neurons in dilated congestive cardiomyopathy.

Effects of a mycophenolate mofetil-based immunosuppressive regimen in Chagas’ heart transplant recipients. Long-term follow-up after heart transplantation in Chagas’ disease.

New Employee at the UEF

Analysis of the risk factors for allograft vasculopathy in asymptomatic patients after cardiac transplantation. Amiodarone for the prevention of sudden cardiac death: Angiographic and electrophysiologic substrates of ventricular tachycardia in chronic Chagasic myocarditis.

Fiwiopatologia study during upright isotonic exercise before and six months after dynamic cardiomyoplasty for idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy or Chagas’ disease. Ministry of Health, National Health Foundation; Left ventricular regional wall motion, ejection fraction, and geometry after partial left ventriculectomy: Int J Infect Dis. Tissue Doppler imaging enables the identification of diastolic dysfunction of pseudonormal pattern in Chagas disease.


Empublicou-se nos Arquivos Brasileiros de Cardiologia trabalho com desenvolvimento de escore derivado de coorte prospectiva de 1. Sao Paulo Med Risiopatologia.

I Latin American Guideline for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Chagas’ Heart Disease

Studies of the coronary circulation in Chagas’ heart disease. Noninvasive predictors of mortality for patients with Chagas’ heart disease: Combination of isosorbide dinitrate and hydralazine in blacks with heart failure. Comparison between two strategies for rejection detection after heart transplantation: Heart transplantation for Chagas’ cardiomyopathy.

Norepinephrine and heart rate variability: Cardiac thrombosis and thromboembolism in chronic Chagas’ heart disease. Sudden death in Chagas” disease.

Research Groups

Sociedade Brasileira de Hematologia e Hemoterapia. Treatment of persistent rejection with methotrexate in stable patients submitted to heart transplantation.

The undetermined form of Chagas’ heart disease: Havendo sinais e sintomas de miocardite, o tratamento deve ser semelhante ao preconizado para miocardites de outras etiologiasRelation between interstitial myocardial collagen and the degree of clinical impairment in Chagas’ disease.


Behavior profile of family members of donors and nondonors of organs.

Ann Trop Med Parasitol. Conduction defects and arrythmias in Chagas’ Disease: Effect of prophylactic amiodarone on mortality after acute myocardial infarction and in congestive heart failure: Molecular mimicry between the immunodominant ribosomal protein PO of Trypanosoma fisilpatologia and a functional epitopo on the human b1-adrenergic receptor J Exper Med. Tarleton RL, Zhang L.

Role of autoantibodies in the physiopathology of chagas’ disease

Diagnosis of Chagas disease: Therapy of Chagas disease. Morbidity in Chagas’ disease IV. IC, arritmias e tromboembolismo. Am Trop Med Hyg.

An estimate of the burden of Chagas disease in the United States. Braz J Med Biol Res. Assim, Medei e cols. Long-term cardiac outcomes of treating chronic Chagas disease with benznidazole versus no treatment: Clinical aspects of the Chagas’ heart disease.