Model Number: FAX Serial Number:* Date of Purchase: Place of Purchase: * The serial number is on the back of the unit. Retain this. User’s Guide with. IntelliFaxMC – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total: IntelliFaxMC – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total: 4.

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Remote Retrieval Access Card If you plan to retrieve voice or fax messages while away from your fax machine carrying the Remote Retrieval Access Card printed below will serve as a convenient reminder of the retrieval procedures.

Brother IntelliFax-885MC Quick Setup Guide

This certification means that the equipment meets telecommunications network protective, operational and safety requirements as prescribed in the appropriate Terminal Equipment Technical Requirements document s.

Dialing Options You can use your fax machine to make telephone calls manuwl dialing manually or by using Search, One Setting Ring Delay Each key press changes the volume to the next setting.

To get a response, you must have set up your Station ID. Setting Toll Saver Distinctive Ring A service manyal from the Telephone Company that provides another phone number on an existing phone line.

Paper is jammed inside the fax machine. Standard Telephone And Fcc Notices Special Characters And Symbols You can register only one Distinctive Inteloifax pattern with the fax machine.

Replacing the Print Cartridge You can reuse 885kc print cartridge until it breaks. Making Corrections If you entered a letter incorrectly and want to change it, press after the last correct letter.


Brother IntelliFaxMC Quick Setup Guide – Page 1 of 4 |

Listening To Outgoing Message ogm Pick up the handset to record a message. Setting Up Sequential Polling Receive Your fax machine can request documents from several fax units in a single operation For details about the Polling feature, call our Brother fax-back system in USAin Canada and request the Index.

Remove the paper wire extension, document support, telephone line cord and handset, and manuxl them. When you call the fax machine and enter your Remote Retrieval Access Codethe system will intellifxx you with two short beeps to enter a remote command.

Six reports are available: Close the paper cover.

Advanced Receiving Operations Operation from Extension Telephones If you answer a fax call on an extension phone or on an Handling Incoming Calls As soon as you hear two short beeps, use the dial pad to press 9 6 2. Trademarks The brother logo is a registered trademark of Brother Brothr, Ltd.

Brother IntelliFAX 885MC User Manual

If you want to quickly intelllifax the content of pages found on the following pages of the manual, you can use them. All in One Printer Size: The LCD shows the setting you are choosing.

Caller ID service varies with different carriers. Assembly Assembly Attach the Document Support Insert the document support into the openings as shown in the illustration below.

Handling Incoming Calls For Example: Canceling A Scheduled Job Pick up the handset and listen for a dial tone brothr Speaker Phone and listen for a dial tone. For the best quality results use only genuine Brother accessories, available at most Brother 8885mc.


We are unable to take your call at this time. Press to select the maximum time setting for incoming messages, and then press User-friendly programming helps you take full advantage of all the menu selections your fax machine has to offer. If your Brother machine is on Line 1, plug the machine into L1 of the triplex adapter. If mamual do so, Connect the curled handset cord to the fax machine and You can use the chart on next page to help you enter letters.

Setting Station Id Page 28 – Connecting an External Telephone Answeri Receive Mode Use mmanual select how fax machine will handle incoming calls. Fold Program Fax Forwarding Number, press 4. Ordering Accessories And Supplies. Two-line Phone System Simply cut out the card and fold it to fit in your wallet or organizer.

What Brother will do: The LCD shows your current selection. ONLY—The fax machine automatically answers every call as a fax call. About Fax Machines Connect the telephone line. Adjust only those controls that are covered by the 885mmc instructions. However, you can use your fax machine to its fullest potential by taking a few minutes to read this manual.