Circuit of a bistable Multivibrator using two NPN transistor is shown in figure it have two identical transistors Q1 and Q2 with equal collector. Figure (a) shows the circuit of a bistable multivibrator using two NPN transistors. Here the output of a transistor Q2 ‚Äčis coupled put of a transistor Q1 through a. as the bistable multivibrator or Eccles-fordan flip-flop circuit, has found widespread . the other. Using, with a certain safety margin, the smallest possible trigger.

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This circuit is called as uisng Regenerative circuit for this has a positive feedback and no Phase inversion. When the switch is turned to the right, the base of the second transistor is grounded, allowing no power to the base. Every time the switch is changed, each of the LEDs change to the output logic state.

Pulse Circuits – Bistable Multivibrator

The forward-biased Q2 base-emitter junction fixes the voltage of C1 right-hand plate at 0. CS1 French-language sources fr Pages with citations lacking titles All articles with failed verification Articles with failed verification from December Articles with failed verification from February Articles needing additional references from January All articles needing additional references Commons category link is on Wikidata.

As a result, Q2 gets switched off. An astable multivibrator can be synchronized to an external chain of pulses. Resistors need to be connected to the bases of the transistors for the circuit to work.


As a result, the circuit goes in State 1 described above. Electronic oscillators Digital circuits Analog circuits. Now a negative bistab,e of magnitude V1 is applied to the non-inverting terminal so that the effective signal at this terminal is less than 0. If we adjust the switch, the outputs for each of the transistors switches to the output state. Schmitt trigger circuits are used as Amplitude Comparator and Squaring Circuit.

So the output voltage will be. Simultaneously, C1 that is fully discharged and even slightly charged to 0.


The diode D1 clamps the capacitor to 0. However, this means that at this stage they will both have high base voltages and therefore a tendency to switch on, and inevitable slight asymmetries will mean that one of the transistors is first to switch on.

The breadboard circuit of the circuit above is shown umltivibrator. Since multivibrrator this circuit, we would the LEDs to alternately be on, we don’t allow for this situation.

Now the transistor Q 1 will be OFF as the base is grounded. Chains of bistable flip-flops provide more predictable division, at the cost usinb more active elements. If the SPDT switch is turned to the left so that the leftmost transistor is grounded, this cuts off current to the base of the leftmost transistor.

Another type of binary circuit which is ought to be discussed is the Emitter Coupled Binary Circuit. Wikimedia Commons has media related mltivibrator Multivibrators. As its right-hand negative plate is connected to Q2 base, a maximum negative voltage – V is applied to Q2 base that keeps Q2 firmly off.


Retrieved from ” https: It consists of two amplifying multivibtator transistorsvacuum tubes or other devices cross-coupled by resistors or capacitors. To see how this circuit functions in real life, see the following video below. The output of transistor Q1 is coupled to the input of transistor Q2 through resistor R1 and the output of transistor Q2 is coupled to the input of transistor Q1 through Resistor R2.

The change of switch to position 2, works as a trigger. The transistor conducts current, powering on the LED connected to the collector of the second, or rightmost, transistor. This prevents unwanted frequency switching in Schmitt trigger circuits.

Bnt section does not cite any sources. The width of the output pulse depends only on external components connected to the op-amp.

The figure below shows the circuit diagram of bjh fixed-bias binary. The Principles of Known Circuits”. A Bistable Multivibrator has two stable states.

In the application of first trigger pulse circuit will switches from one state another and continue the state till another trigger pulse is applied. Thus, the circuit remains stable in a single state continuously. In the charging capacitor equation above, substituting:.