Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh. This question comes from reading Bhai Kulbir Singh Ji’s riddle about 22 Vaars. Bhai Sahib Ji. bsMq kI vwr mhlu 5 () basant kee vaar mahal 5. Basant Kee Vaar, Fifth Mehl: siqgur pRswid ] () ik-oNkaar satgur parsaad. One Universal. I read this: #. U11lSbK9KSM. It says that 11 recitations of basant ki vaar = a person.

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He did not want the Sikhs to know what he really was teaching them.

By harsharan Started December 25, The Basant ki Var is made up of three pauris stanzas only and each pauri consists of only five lines. Important Information Terms of Use. The way to blossom like a flower that blossoms in spring, is chanting Naam but the basqnt way one can get Naam is if is pre-ordained by Vaheguru jee.

They have bana but drinkyet that is okay. Al least they reading.

Basant Ki Vaar –

The demon yogi Bhajan discriminates betwen shabads. Posted March 2, Vars are heroic ballads included in the Guru Granth Sahib.

With respect to Siri Akal Ustat, Siri Guru jee did such lofty praise Ustat of Akal Purakh that one gets astonished and awed but by ending it like this Guru Sahib jee is giving the message that it’s not possible to complete the Ustat of Vaheguru bawant. Print View Tweet Facebook.

Basant Ki Vaar Question

The three great benefits of chanting Naam as per the second Pauri are — taming of 5 vices, elimination of all diseases and becoming one with Var jee. If you want me to send you the true story of how Yogi Bhajan became a devil send me an pm. The Paath starts with allusion to blossoming but the blossoming here is not of vegetation but of the Gursikh who meditates on Naam.


If you have an account, please sign in. The devil ran away with his followers when he went to see his Gurbani teacher in india. The devil knew if the Sikhs found out. Everything is in hakum, Gurbani vaaf best how to draw people in when where and how when once one started do its jaap with receptivity full faith without egoic self coming in a way everything happenstraditionally in gurbani we have bhagat dhru who did bhagti for raaj initially and then got saved later on when jaap drawed him in fully and also baba farid sakhi doing jaap of vahiguroo for candy when he was kid.

I thought it is a Hukam to chant the Gurus shabad Posted April 28, Sign In Sign Up.

Basant Ki Vaar

At least the guy is teaching yoga and with it a way to jap naam – yet he is the devil. Reply to this topic This forum ku powered by Phorum. The devil is not teaching kj but his own demon ways.

Newer Topic Older Topic. By Singh Started Friday at Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Tuhada bahut bahut dhanvaad Bhai Sahib Ji! Hi there I read this: If yoga concentrates the mind, if yoga helps you in your naam simran then good for you I say. Same way, only Guru Sahib jee knows why only 3 Pauris were brought from Sachkhand.

Basant Ki Vaar – Bhai Jarnail Singh

Edited March 3, by Bundha. This is your fathers Bani on sale. Stop doin nindeya ppl. The third Pauri declares that such Bhagats are beautiful Suhaave who chant Naam, meditate on Naam, and listen to Naam. Springtime is the period of newness when vegetation stirs to life and nature comes to bloom in all its beauty and splendour. As Basant is the season of union, this Var impresses upon man to submit himself to the true Guru to achieve union with the Divine. The second Pauri of this Vaar goes on to explain more benefits of doing the divine effort of Naam Abhyaas.


How murakh are we? Basant, is the Punjabi word for spring from which the musical measure the Var derives its title. He is teaching yoga, what of it? The devil to save himself from further embarrassment went to his devil teacher for sanctuary. Only 75 emoji are allowed. Transmigration thus annulled, the self merges in the Creator. The Gurus never taught us these demon ways – someone vzar earlier with a video clip of someone teaching yoga. Baxant maharaj does kirpa he can bless with money raaj bhaag and many things.

Yogi Bhajan does not equal Bhai Mani Singh.

Home Audio Video Literature. The devil was hiding his true devil teachings from the Sikhs of Punjab. The first Pauri tells us the way to blossom even while living in this world which is like a desert. Posted April 27, For your information there is no devil. In alliance with Khalis Foundation.