Athenagoras was a late 2nd century Christian apologist who wrote a defense of Christianity called _A Plea for the Christians_. It’s contents are revealing of what. A Plea For the Christians. By Athenagoras the Athenian: Philosopher and Christian. To the Emperors Marcus Aurelius Anoninus and Lucius Aurelius. A Plea for the Christians [Athenagoras of Athens] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Athenagoras (c. – c. AD) was a Father of the.

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You perceive, then, that the time since representations of form and the making of images began is so short, that we can name the artist of each particular god. And as a ship without its helmsman is no longer serviceable, no matter how well it is fitted out, so the elements, though set in careful order, are of no avail without God’s providence. But if people lament for them, and it is their sufferings which constitute mysteries, then they are men.

Then the world, even though subject to providence, cannot remain unchanging, because it is created. To clarify the text the name of Hephaestus has been inserted. The Stromata, or Miscellanies.

Two Further Charges Though you believeO Callimachus, in the nativity of Zeus, you do not believe in his sepulchre; and while you think to obscure the truthyou in fact proclaim him dead, even to those who are ignorant ; and if you see the cave, you call to mind the childbirth of Rhea; but when you see the coffin, you throw a shadow over his death, not considering that the unbegotten God alone is eternal.

We affirm, too, a crowd of angels and ministers, whom God, the maker and creator of the world, appointed to their several tasks through his Word.

Platothen, says, To find out the Maker and Father of this universe is difficult; and, when found, it is impossible to declare Him to all, conceiving of one uncreated and eternal God.

Who among our accusers [] is not eager to witness contests of athenaoras and wild beasts, especially those organized by you?

Athenagoras of Athens

Aristaeus delivered the Ceans from a drought by erecting an altar to Zeus; hence the identification. Each of them was created, just as we were. The Egyptians reckon among their gods even cats, and crocodiles, and serpents, and asps, and dogs. For surely those who so magnified them by their stories that they were taken for gods would not have invented their sufferings. They would not think that the earth will give back its dead and then imagine that it will fail to demand those entombed in them.


It was called Heracles and Kronos. Stirred by curiosity, they opened the box; whereupon they were driven mad by the sight of Erichthonius’ serpentine body. They are nothing but earth, stones, matter, and paltry art. They dwelt with men and one of them was always supreme.

If, therefore, Plato is not an atheist for conceiving of one uncreated Godthe Framer of the universeneither are we atheists who acknowledge and firmly hold that He is God who has framed all things by the Logosand holds them in being by His Spirit. He is not even mentioned in Eusebius Ecclesiastical Historywhich preserves more of early Christian history than any other work. Nor would they have died.

You yourselves are thoroughly versed in these things since more than all others and in all details you are familiar with ancient writers. On the contrary, they never cease with evil intent to search out skilfully the secrets of their art, and are ever bent on working some ill, making the art of words and not the exhibition of deeds their business and profession.

But xthenagoras greatest sacrifice in his eyes is for us to realize who stretched out the heavens in a sphere, who set the earth in the center, who gathered the water into seas and separated the light from darkness, who adorned chrustians sky with the stars and made the earth bring forth all kinds of seed, who made the animals and fashioned man. What, then, are those teachings in which we are brought up?

This then especially I beg you carefully to consider. Christian Literature Publishing Co.

CHURCH FATHERS: A Plea for the Christians (Athenagoras)

But as they were none the worse in respect of virtue because of the opinion of the multitude, so neither does the undiscriminating calumny of some persons cast any shade upon us as regards rectitude of christiahs, for with God we stand in good repute. Note that the words in blue need to be changed to match the title, date, and URL. Each of these authors, by the way, is said to have interviewed the priests in Heliopolis, Memphis, and Thebes.

Artemis of Tauris even murders all strangers! The same Herodotus writes, “They say that Apollo athenahoras Artemis were the children of Dionysus and Isis, and that Leto became their nurse and savior. Moreover, we have slaves: The gods, as it is generally held, did not exist from the beginning.


It is not to be believed for a moment. You yourselves, however, are thoroughly acquainted with these matters, since you are versed in all departments of knowledgeand are beyond all other men familiar with the ancients. Bound to the forms of matter, they fall so low as to deify the changes of the elements. It does not befit your sense of justice that others, accused of wrongdoing, are not punished before they have been convicted, while with us the mere name is of more weight than legal proof.

His answer to the first charge is perhaps the most foor. A citizen of Ilium calls Hector a god, and pays divine honours to Helen, taking athenxgoras for Adrasteia. Anastasios In the second century we have another important apologist of the Christian faith, not very well known like others, but still very relevant: Her father was so delighted by the extraordinary resemblance that, being a potter, he embossed the sketch by filling up the outline with clay.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. How then, while seeing these things, can we say There is a race of gods, or yield to laws? But if they are at the greatest possible remove from one another — as far asunder as the artist and the materials of his art — why are we called to account?

For neither mother nor children can offer equal delights;” [] for the divine is in need of nothing and is above desire. You yourselves, moreover, are witness to the fact that we are guilty of none of these things, since it is only the confession of a name that you forbid.

You may say, however, since you excel all men in understanding, How comes it to pass, then, that some of the idols manifest power, if those to whom we erect the statues are not gods?