A.S Neill’s Summerhill School, a co-educational boarding school in Suffolk, England, is the original alternative ‘free’ school. SUMMERHILL A RADICAL APPROACH TO CHILD REARING By A. S. NEILL With a Foreword by Eric Fromm TO HAROLD H. HART I hope you will get a . Summerhill School. Neill founded Summerhill School in in Hellerau near Dresden, Germany. Today it is a boarding and.

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At Summerhill, however, freedom does not mean the abrogation of common sense. Today, Diane is demonstrating a new kind of cookery in London.

Any accusation against my wife I showed to be one against mother. It does not matter whether such punishment is physical or a withdrawal of love, or whether one simply is made to feel an outsider. Following Neill’s retirement it continued to be run by Neill’s daughter, Zoe Readhead.

In SummerhillNeill blames many of society’s problems on the “miseducation in conventional schools”. Jean, the leader, is attacked in a General Meeting. Summerhill is a school in which the child knows that he is approved of. Then questions of general behavior come up. The father was dead, and the big sisters did all the bossing.

At such an appeal, the matter is considered more carefully, and generally the original verdict is tempered in view of the dissatisfaction of the defendant. Guilt feelings are an impediment to independence; they start a cycle, which oscillates constantly between rebellion, repentance, submission, and new rebellion. These tendencies were perhaps all the more remarkable considering that the children accepted by Summerhill were often from problematic backgrounds, where parental conflict or neglect had resulted in children arriving in a particularly unhappy state of mind.

He argues that the cure is love or being on the side of the other person, which is the key at Summerhill.


On occasion, Neill exercised unilateral decision-making as the owner of the school, despite his emphasis on the authority figure-less nature of the school.

Cook held that learning was so important that the pill should be sugared with play.

I was very glad when their mother came for them. And summerrhill is the way the minority generally summwrhill its rights in our school democracy; it keeps demanding them. Often such girls spend much time with needlework, and some, later on in life, take up dressmaking and designing.

A.s.neilo consent is obtained, as it were, behind his back, or behind his consciousness. Yet there was a difference between my fuss and that of an authoritarian. After my defeat, a boy of sixteen proposed that no one under twelve should be allowed to smoke.

I hasten to add that the school is not an island to Leiston town. There the old-fashioned methods of authoritarianism are applied summerhll full strength; and the results, as far as knowledge is concerned, seem to indicate that we had better revert to, the old disciplines and forget about the freedom of the child.

They raided it once more, and the meeting was graveled what to do. Even in Summerhill some children get a guilty conscience about not learning enough lessons. I pin my faith on public opinion.

But a few days later, she asks for another P.

A. S. Neill

Despite this, he would flippantly remark that Summerhill was the only Christian school in England when its philosophy was compared with that of Christ. I tried to talk to George, but he wept and sobbed that he wanted to go home.

I have suggested more than once that the adults in Summerhill are no paragons of virtue. This page was last edited on 11 Februaryat Neill saw moral instruction as a wedge between natural instinct and conformity and thought children were best off without it.


Views Read Edit View history. These girls who came late were usually children of parents who had no appreciation of freedom, for if they had had, their girls would not have been problems. A child may not intrude upon an adult just because he is a child, nor may a child use pressure in the many ways in which a child can. They are in or near the house, and never far away from the grownups.

On a good day you may not see the boy gangsters of Summerhill. Margaret gets up and marches to the door. In Summerhill School authority does not mask a system of manipulation.

All the Best, Neill: David, aged nine, had to be isolated for whooping cough.

A.S Neill – A.S Neill’s Summerhill School

I never doubt that in the end, if not molested or damaged, he will succeed in life. But what kind of curing? A world in which the schoolmaster was not on their side was an appalling one for them to think of— summedhill only because of their experience of Summerhill but also because of their experience at home where Mommy and Daddy were also on their side.

Nor did I force things. Neill wrote 20 books in his lifetime, and his best seller was the Summerhilla compilation of four previous books about his school. Handwork is too often the making of a pin tray under the eye of an expert.