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Wednesday, December 03, 7: Slash Originally Posted by: You cannot delete your posts in this forum.

I fino vam je Fist gore naveo. Sunday, November 09, I focused on transitions from single legs to double legs back to single. Thursday, February 19, 1: DjomlaKS Originally Posted by: Thursday, February 26, 2: I started on Monday, so I will go over the past 2 days here. It is a nice way to just visualize and feel the techniques. I obviously drilled other things, but I probably did the single-double-single transition over times.

S cime je najbolje anaolicki propionat? Thursday, February 26, 1: I also do a ton of recovery work, foam rolling, massage, etc which helps me. anaboilcki


You cannot reply to topics in this forum. So far today was a good day.

Sport i anabolički steroidi- Page 19

Strength and Conditioning 9am: First of all I am currently 6? With that said, I have not lifted weights in over a year.

I am focusing on my top game so again I was drilling guard passes with an emphasis on heavy pressure. Uvjeren sam da je i tako i kod Overeema. We took a break where we did a ton of stretching.

For the guy who asked about strength training member k7x I believe that is his name seems like a lot more knowledgeable about it than me so you might want to ask him but I can help with more if needed. Today was lighter than the past two days.

You cannot edit your posts in this forum. Sunday, February 22, 9: Znaci li to da trebamo teziti ovakvom izgledu, tj. Samo whey i kreatin http: Try login or register. Wednesday, February 18, Thursday, February 26, That was the day of training. Monday, January 26, After the 10 rounds, we did a ton of bodyweight drills to exhaust us a little more and that was that. If there is anything that any of you would like for me to include just ask. Like I said, I am not good at this stuff, but I am trying it with you guys just to share a common interest.


Saturday, February 21, 1: I got dropped by a body kick which I though pushed my sternum into my spine. You cannot create polls in this forum.

Impresivni mišići

DA se vidi primer treninga i upotrebe. We warm up and drill as fast as possible and as hard as possible for 90 minutes straight. I was spent and ready to relax with my xteroidi, my dogs, and be lazy, but I had to study for about 3 hours as I had an exam the following day. So I am kind of doing this thing quickly so if I have missed anything, confused anyone, or ajabolicki flat out said something stupid just let me know.

Dodaci za mišićne mase i skulpture

Also please be kind as I completely suck at logs, so if I skip something just ask and I will add to it. Koji steroid to daje?

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