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Page 41 Basics of Equalization3Channel CopyYou can use the Link function while editing to help set up manuall on both channels. This method of equalization is a relatively recent development in the history of sound reinforcement and recording technology.

The Preset programs are the ones numberedwhile the User programs are numbered Page 63 Send the signal you want to equalize through Narrow Boosts to find the frequency that may be most objectionable. Page 10 Important Safety Instructions Page 16 Important Safety Instructions This page intentionally left blank Since, we’ve been designing and building creative tools for manula community.

The DEQ is agraphic equalizer, which means it alezis many fixed frequency bandsthat can be cut or boosted. All rights reserved Reproduction in whole or in part is prohibited.

Page 12 Important Safety Instructions Your manual failed to upload Basics of Equalization Multi-band application and results So far we have only dealt with cutting or boosting single frequency bands. Specifications Maximum Output Level: Page 54 Basics of Equalization In the next illustration, the difference between a narrow Q and a wide Q is seen: But when a greater degree of control over the program material is needed, a constant Q equalizer like the DEQ offers a significant advantage.


Edit Time Out is a feature you will appreciate. Thanks to the digital heart of the DEQ, you can always get the program back exactly as it was.

Rather than unlinking thechannels and starting all over again on Channel B, ddeq230 haveincluded a handy feature called Channel Copy as a subset of Storemode. Comb filtering You’ll understand how this effect process got its name once you see the way it looks when recreated on the DEQ At their inception, graphic equalizers relied solely on a form ofequalization known as “Variable Q. IntroductionHow to Use This ManualThis manual is divided into the following sections describing thevarious functions of and applications for the DEQ Page 50 3Basics of EqualizationButton 9: Page 65 Program Charts25Narrow Cut 4 2.

No time for a sound check? Apparently, its a unique feature found only on the DEQD.

Alesis DEQ user manual – – Solve your problem

Clip LED lights often. These are merely suggested settings;experiment and find your own once you begin to hear what theDEQ does to your sound. Store mode Once you have created a program you alesls like to save, press Page 14 Important Safety Instructions Unplug this apparatus during lightning storms or when unusedfor long periods of time. To access Setup mode, first you must turn off the DEQ In any installation, make sure that injury or damage will not result from cables pulling on the apparatus and its mounting.

Alesis DEQ230 User Manual

Kind regards, Debashis Chaudhuri. Thank you for purchasing the Alesis DEQ Acknowledged In progress Doesn’t need answer Answered.


Page 68 5Program ChartskHz Sample Rate46Next Door NeighborIf you want to digitize your signal at a very low sample rate like11kHz for effect, bandlimiting it to half the sample rate approximately 5kHz will help you avoid some nasty soundingartifacts of the sampling process. This is really a hear-breaking news for an audio enthusiast like. Applications Applications This section is designed to get you started with the DEQ by giving some sample settings.

Program Mode Program mode is where to be if you want to call alexis another program, or if you just want to know the number of the program you are using. Reduce Master Level in Setup mode. Page of 80 Go. Try Some Equalization 1.

Alesis DEQ User Manual – Page 1 of 80 |

Official Representatives Bill R. Page 32 3Basics of EqualizationBypass modeThis mode is nearly as simple as it sounds: However, should problems occur, DO NOT attempt to service the unit yourself unless you have training and experience. Page 12 Page 13 – Lesen Sie bitte die folgende Sicherheits Page 19 Quick Start Guide In anyinstallation, make sure that injury or damage will not resultfrom cables pulling on the apparatus and its mounting.

Basics of Equalization3The “Hidden” ModesThere are several sub-levels of operation that can be accessedfrom Program mode by pressing different buttons.