Abu Hamid Muhammad al-Ghazzali () is one of the most important Ghazzali’s “The Alchemy of Happiness”, written toward the end of his life. Kimiya-yi Sa’ādat was a book written by Abū Ḥāmid Muḥammad ibn Muḥammad al-Ghazālī, a Persian theologian, philosopher, and prolific Sunni Muslim. by Imam Al-Ghazzali Ghazzali, called him “the most original mind among Arabian philosophers.” The first four chapters of The Alchemy of Happiness are a.

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The hidden things of earth and heaven are uncovered to him, and to whomsoever these things are revealed, mighty wonders are shown, that are beyond description. The fourth class of men who indulge in error, are those who indeed receive the law, but in some peculiar and erroneous sense.

Man in this world resembles the guest who was invited to partake of the hospitality of a rich man. If the kidneys ghwzali disordered, so that they cannot abstract the water from the blood, dropsy and similar diseases are the result.

Despite being a brilliant mind, and a thinker ahead of his time, Al-Ghazzali was not immune to the sexism of his age It is not until happinsss get to that chapter that you realize he is really only talking to men, as if spiritual duties were a gendered thing.

Still his writings were less known than either of the two others.

Whatsoever was happinfss excellent in the philosophy of Aristotle or in the Soofi mysticism, he discreetly adapted to the Mohammedan theology. The Creator himself will be acknowledged to be almighty and perfect. In token of respect, the servants set before him silver washing-basins, vessels of costly stones, perfumes of musk and amber with chafing dishes. The world resembles the old woman who arrayed herself in silk stuffs and flowered brocades, and with ornaments, and covered her head with a beautiful embroidered veil, so that those who should see her from a distance, and notice only her garments and her form, might be deceived.

The horse was designed also for war Edition: In the same manner as the equilibrium of the inferior spirit is to be preserved by the science of medicine, the equilibrium of the human spirit is to be preserved by virtue, self-denial and holy zeal, that it may not be destitute of the love of God and perish. And the school of astrologers is to be credited in these representations; but when they ascribe all events to influences proceeding from imaam heavenly bodies, they are liars.

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The Alchemy of Happiness Index

This blood is then diffused to the seven parts of the body, and brings and conveys strength to the limbs. In form, the book contains a treatise on practical piety, but as is the case with a large proportion of Mohammedan works, the author, whatever may be his subject, finds a place for observations reaching far wide of his apparent aim, so our author is led to make many observations which develop his notions in anatomy, physiology, natural philosophy and natural religion.

The omissions in the text, which are made apparent by signs, are limited to digressions of the author, to repetitions and to some of the illustrations; so that there is no interruption of the continuity of thought in the themes discussed.

Why, then, was it so necessary that they should abstain from forbidden things, from things of a doubtful nature and even from permitted things? The world again is like an enchanter who performs for you acts of friendship and manifests love for yon, for the sake of winning your affections to him: He was born about the year A. Beloved, strive to obtain this knowledge, for there is no more precious jewel.

Its constitution is fixed in certain Edition: But God has b abundant in kindness to you, and has given you so many servants, and has in no wise any need of you. Or he sees a similitude, and those who are skilled in the science of interpretation of dreams understand the meaning.


It ghhazali impossible to recover from Edition: Like many Sufi’s and mystics in general, he explains how our deeds will be shown to us ‘personsified’ before us on the day of judgement, how dreams and waking Visions can Perceive different Levels of Reality.

If you desire, inquirer for the way, with thankfulness for these mercies, to obtain eternal happiness in the future mansions, the heart must enthrone itself like a sovereign in its capital, the body, must stand at the door of service and direct its prayers to the gate of eternal truth, seeking Edition: When he sees any one of the soldiers revolting and following his own passions, he will represent it to the sovereign, that he may be controlled and conquered.


And in this connection, for eating and drinking, it is in want of internal and external instruments like the hand, the mouth, the stomach, the powers of appetite and digestion. These foolish people have not even yet reached manhood. Many persons have heard this mystery, which represents one of the attributes of God, but they did not acknowledge it as true, and said that it was impossible, not because it was in its nature exempt from being known, but because it was an unemployed mystery.

They allege that man and other animals are like vegetables, and do not enter into alchemh body when they die.

The Alchemy of Happiness – Online Library of Liberty

But desire, the standard bearer, is a liar, vain and ambitious. Although it throws no light on any questions of geography, philology or political history, objects most frequently in view in translations from the Oriental languages, yet a book which exhibits haopiness such plainness the opinions of alcgemy large a portion of the human race as the Mohammedans, on questions of philosophy, practical morality and religion, will always be as interesting to the general reader and to a numerous class of students, as the facts that may be elicited to complete a series of kings in a dynasty or to establish the site of an ancient city can be to the historian or the geographer.

Again, as the spirit exists and controls the body, and yet we know not the mode and essence of it, so God is present in all things, and controls and governs all things, but his form, essence and quality are exempt from being known.

The contemplation of the works of God is by means of the senses, which become the key to all knowledge of God.

If, for example, the heart gives permission to the ear, hearing results; if it gives permission to the eye, there follows sight; if it gives permission to the foot, there is movement.

Ghazalk the dated translation that comes off as a hindrance to grasping the already intricate ideas Al-Ghazzali presents, this was a breeze to read.