Kitaab ur Risala of Imam Shaf’i. Don’t hesitate to Urdu & Arabic Setup I recently visited your site n downloaded your translation of Al Risal by Imam Shafi. Language Hausa. al-risala Urdu Imam Shafi’i. Identifier Al-risalaUrduImamShafii. Identifier-ark ark://tc9x. Muhammad ibn Idris ibn. Pdf Book Book Name: Kitab Ar- Risaalah Author: Abū ʿAbdullah Muhammad ibn Idrīs al-Shāfi’ī Size: 18 Mb Language: Urdu.

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In this work, al-Shafi’i is said to have outlined four sources of Islamic law[1] [2] though this division based on four has been attributed to later commentators on the work rather than to Shafi’i himself. Research and publish the best content.

Kitab ur Risala of Shafi’i کتاب الرسالہ از امام شافعی

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Kitab Ur-Risaalah Urdu Pdf | Imam Shafi

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Al-Risala (Al-Shafi‘i) – Wikipedia

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