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Psionics (Dungeons & Dragons) – Wikiwand

You use your own THAC0 and the “bullet” deals d6 damage regardless of whatever you actually fling at your target; this is awesome because it means you could conceivably kill someone by flinging used tissues at them the only mechanical requirement is that the object you throw has to weigh less than 1 pound.

Dimension Walk – Just like the above power but you can only take yourself on the trip and you also have to make a Wisdom check for every round that you spend traveling through the alternate dimension and if you fail any of these Wisdom checks you wind up at a destination miles from where you wanted to end up.

Body Weaponry lets the psionicist transform one of their limbs into a weapon, and it specifically says that the arm so changed actually turns into wood or metal. It makes the psionicist a class, so that people who want to focus on psychic powers can do so, while still including a Wild Talent system for the people who want to use the old random system of assigning powers.

Ravenloft – Psionics is common enough that the average person might know about it.

This is actually a legitimately useful power as long as you know ahead of time what kind of wizard you’re going up against. The power costs one PSP per every 25 miles you want to travel, but there’s no real rate of failure and you can take other people with you by spending more PSPs, so strictly speaking in a mechanical sense this is actually the most useful and reliable form of teleportation over vast distances that a psionicist can use.


Lists with This Hanebook.

FATAL & Friends — Complete Psionics Handbook

The Sciences are the heavy hitters in this school, and most of the Devotions really should have just been rolled into a more expanded description of what the telekinesis power can do.

Initial Cost – As above, the cost paid after a successful manifestation.

Convergence – Ostensibly, this power allows psionicists to combine their powers Captain Planet style and manifest more powerful psionic attack or defense modes.

Psionic Surgery – Either cure existing mental trauma marginally useful if you’re playing in the Ravenloft setting maybe or allow a character to roll for wild psychic powers.

Wolfrngr rated it did not like completr Oct 29, Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

What’s more, the designers apparently decided that the disadvantage for psionicists’ flexibility is a random chance for everything to go spectacularly wrong. The usefulness of this power seems limited to pretending to be your neighbor so you psionicss bone his wife or something equally underwhelming.

You also don’t get to pick something to specifically summon, you have to roll randomly based on the random encounter table for whatever given plane you’re trying to contact. First–every time you try to provide a scientific basis for why psychic powers work, G-d kills a kitten.

I mean, a Thief has to equip a Dagger or better to receive that kind of constant bonus using optional initiative rules and he doesn’t have to commit to any other maintenance, and we don’t want them to be overshadowed. There’s no mechanical penalty for this one, so I guess it’s the most competitive Clairsentient power because there’s no literal penalty for rolling a natural 20 on your power score check.

Also you have to make a system shock roll when you transform or else you lose the PSPs needed to manifest the power and pass out for 2d6 turns. To be honest, they probably could have just rolled most of these features into teleport and been done with it, but no one ever accused Steve Winter of being a competent game designer.

Difference between 3E and 3. Our grading system is listed below for your perusal. Either way you also radiate visible light as your energy containment field harmlessly dissipates the absorbed energy. Link your fate to that of another so that if either of you take damage or die then the other has take the same amount of damage or make a save vs. What the heck is the deal with Steve and his obsession with the sense of taste?


You describe a specific course of action to the DM and then depending on how well you roll, he may or may not give you some indication of how that specific course of action might turn out. The book makes sure to tell you that you might learn about someone getting married, or having an argument, or having a baby in the area though.

Now, why would you ever want to do this? You can only hold 10 more hit points than your current maximum and these bonus hit points vanish after one hour if they aren’t used up in combat. Half the cost is paid even if you fail. Apr 20, Abraham Ray rated it it was amazing Shelves: This power actually lets you swing an axe with your mind or open a door or fling a dude off a cliff.

The Complete Psionics Handbook

At least the Clairsentience powers didn’t fucking include Clairtastience. Death Field – If you aren’t a Dark Jedi compoete with an evil alignment then using this power shifts your alignment one step closer to evil; this is cool because the alignment axis is really only 3 nodes wide so at most it takes two manifestations of this power to turn your character psionivs.

As a dm i would take a look through the 3. It’s the entry level power for Psychokinesis so it’s arguably better than everything but detonate. Marginally useful because 2E had you check for initiative every round.