EDSVSS−9. 9ä. System Manual. (Extension). 75 kW l. EVSxS EVSxS. Servo inverter. Global Drive. The System Manual is the basis for the description of the vector frequency inverter. Together with the System Manual (extension), document number. The vector range of frequency inverters is also perfectly equipped to handle complex applications, such as deployments in dosing, filling and feedforward.

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If necessary, adapt the position limit values or check whether the program function “set position value” is to be applied.

Drive cannot follow the digital frequency I. Error “positive position limit”. Start homing in the program. Impermissible programming Check position program: Negative limit switch was reached.

Find out why the value was exceeded e. Sensor for detecting the internal temperature indicates undefined values. Error “negative position limit”. Control drive in negative lenxe.

9300 PLC servo inverters

Increase following error limit under C An absolute parameter set C was performed during relative positioning position mode C Lense and fault elimination. Internal fault power stage. Positive position limit C was exceeded. Sensor for detecting the heatsink temperature indicates undefined values.


servo PLC – Lenze in Germany. As easy as that.

Find out why the value was not reached e. Error in positioning program.

The reference point is not known. Product Support Services Forum mySupport.

Temperature inside the controller. Heatsink temperature sensor error. Negative position limit C was not reached. Parameter set mode is absolute instead of relative. Best regards CS Moderator. Anything is possible, with enough ressourcesinformation and time.

9300 series servo inverters

You could probably lenxe the Helmhotz drivers by yourself, if you knew how the CAN module communicates with the CPU over kenze backplane, how the CAN module must be parametrized for CAN BUS and how toexchange betweenthe CAN module and the drive,, If you do not have the information, I strongly suggest you get purchase the Helmholts CAN parametrization software and the handling blocks for the S, so you can concentrate on your project making the drives do what you need them to do instead of finding ways to talk to the drives.


Perform one of the following functions and restart: Have a look at this lfnze from Helmholtz, it gives an example on whatmust be set and how to so the CAN modules can read and write to a drive:.

Temperature inside the controller Sensor for detecting the internal temperature indicates undefined values.

Drive cannot follow the digital frequency I max limit. Site Explorer Site Explorer. Error “actual reference dimension offset”. A parameter set with final speed must be followed by a parameter set with positioning; it is not permissible to wait for input.

Change the parameter set from absolute to relative. Hope this helps, Daniel Chartier.