Z Motorcycle. Service Manual. All rights reserved. No parts of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, 25, (K) To protect the environment in which we all live, Kawasaki has incorporated crankcase emis-. top > Search for Owner’s Manual (Motorcycle). How to use this service. , , , , , , , , , , , , , . KAWASAKI Z REPAIR MANUAL DOWNLOAD This is the COMPLETE factory service workshop repair manual printed for the KAWASAKI Z

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Inlet air temperature sensor trouble Inspect and replace see chapter 3.

Fuel return hose left, red 2. Apply the oil to the O-rings so that the O-rings will be coated with oil. Starter Clutch Oil Passage Hole 4.

Such a shock to the part can damage it. Learn and ob- serve all the rules below. Fuel pump trouble Inspect see chapter 3. Such a shock to the ECU can damage it.

Forcibly prying off the sealing plug to add water is very dangerous. ECU Main Relay b. This is to set the screw to its original position. Special Tool – Bearing Driver Set: Never reuse old brake fluid.


Never reverse the connections of the battery, this could damage the ECU. Therefore, replace the sealed battery only on a motorcycle which was originally equipped with the sealed battery. Measure the clearance when engine is cold. Special Tool – Hand Tester: Gaskets, O rings, Oil seals, Grease seals, circlips or cotter pins must be replaced with new ones whenever disassembled. Clutch Lever Free Play – – – Clutch: Air Cleaner Oil Draining A drain hose is connected to the bottom of the air cleaner to drain water or oil accumulated in the cleaner part.

2003 Kawasaki Z1000 — Owner’s Manual

Never drop the actuatorespecially on a hard sur- face. If there are obstructions to air flow, remove them. Service Binder for anv Service Bulletins specifving Factorv. Ro- tate the crankshaft to positive direction clockwise viewed from output side. This can damage or warp the disc.

Tachometer [A] If the idle speed is out of the specified range, adjust it. Ignition Fuse 10 A f. Replace the O-rigs of the indicators. Run the hose white through into the throttle cables. If the fan rotates, inspect the fan switch.

Owner’s Manuals & Service Manuals | Kawasaki Vehicles

The subthrottle valve is built in the each throttle body. Put the grip end onto your ear, and listen whether the injector is clicking or not. Battery voltage low Inspect and charge see chapter ownerz Separator breather hose blue 4. Pickup coil and oil pressure switch 8. The initial maintenance is vitally important and must not be neglected.


Apply silicone sealant [A] to the crankshaft sensor lead grommet and crankcase halves mating surface on the front and rear sides of the crankshaft sensor cover mount. ECU Ownesr 15A f.

Silicone Sealant Kawasaki Bond: Much less than this resistance means the stator is shorted, and must be replaced. Fuel Reserve Switch 3.

Turn Signal Fuse 10A 3. If you apply compressed air into the caliper, the piston may crush your hand or fingers. Tank drain hose passes the side cover installation under the bracket.